2sympleks – SURGO 4X4 Mountain Rescue Vehicle

Surgo is 4×4 offroad vechicle designed for mountain rescue services. Innovative suspension designed and prototyped by Automotive Industry Institute in Warsaw is a key point of its construction that allows unprecedented offroad capabilites to be achieved. Ability to lock entire body in shifted position, system of additional springs and shock absorbers, approach and departure angles nearing 90 degrees are just some o the features that allows Surgo to travel through extremly rough terrain.

The design process was followed by extensive research and surveys with the help of GOPR and TOPR rescuers. The briefing was based on the most crucial intervention issues, existing solutions and potential improvements.

Cabin interior designed to accomodate up to 8 rescuers also allows 2 wounded on strechers to be safely transported. Thanks to robust construction, use of durable materials and hard surfaces it is well fitted to deal with dirt, moisture and mechanical stresses, hardships inevitable during rescue actions.


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