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A’ Design Awards & Competition – Call for Entries

A ‘Design Award and Competition is one of the largest design contests, and therefore accepts different types of design work, in which it can be sent to 100 categories available. You can choose a product design, industrial design, futuristic, furniture, toys, transport, fashion, packaging and much more. Find the one that best suits your work at:

There are many benefits to winning the A ‘Design Awards & Competition. The winner enjoys prestige, recognition, fame, international awareness, as well as a set of winners. You will proudly hold the A’S Design trophy with a 3D metal print kept in a black luxury box. The winning set also includes the annual year, both in digital and paper version, a certificate of excellence in a metal frame, a free sales list in SaloneDelDesigner, inclusion in the BuySellDesign network, guaranteed publication via IDNN and DXGN Networks up to 100+ magazines, distribution of press releases such as like this one, poster design and A2 print for the exhibition, inclusion in World Design rankings and many more. you can read more details here.

Deadline for submission is February 28. Results will be announced to public on April 15.

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Hana Chair by Pablo Vidiella 
Hana Chair is an elegant, daring and cutting edge piece of furniture inspired by plant nature. Like a flower, Hana blossoms into two petals as a structural and functional solution to the requirements of a chair, by embracing both the backrest and the seat. The human eye is used to curved lines and surfaces, they have always been present in nature. Its attractive shape, together with the warmth of the material, makes the user to come closer and interact with it in a natural way.

Apollo Dining Table by Chromawise 
The limited-edition geometrical dining table is made using superior grade materials and the highest standards of manufacturing technology with exquisite manually crafted details. This piece exceeds the highest level of quality and is made to last. Monumental symmetrical form, with directed clean lines and precise details, is associated with power and success. Apollo can adapt and dominate in the open spaces of most modern luxury interiors.

Silence Sign Language Translator by Guangpeng Yue
Silence is a device which can inter-transfer acoustical signal and sign language. It aims to break the communication barriers between the deaf and the ordinary. Compared with others, this device provides the holographic projection of the translated sign language to help the deaf understand the others. Thus to make the communication faster and easier.

Brewster 5000 Desktop Pour Over Coffeemaker by Abishek Tanvi Vanshika
Brewster’s compact automatic one cup pour over coffee maker brews the best quality cup of coffee every time at their home.The water flow is directed circularly over the coffee ground. It flows with regular interval to extract a neat coffee. Elementary interface in the product allows the user to easily understand the functions. The coffee maker is provided with a keep warm feature for keeping the brewed coffee warm for having it later. Disposable paper coffee cones are a part of brewsters design.

Easynav Infinity Surgical System by Shreya Paliwal
The design ensures visual reflection of the quality of the product using unique form language while also being optimized for manufacturing and cost. It challenges the assumption that good curves and unique form language can only be achieved using processes like thermoforming, die casting, and so on. Infinity sets itself apart in the market with a unique form factor achieved using only sheet metal, a few bending, welding, and finishing processes.

Airo-5g Air Conditioning by Lei Xiao is Winner 
Airo is a small intelligent air conditioner. It integrates the three functions of air conditioning fan, purifier and humidifier. Different placement methods realize the switching of functions, reflecting a natural and fresh style; Continuously optimize the functions of 5g and AIG through different hardware connection modes; It meets a variety of use scenarios such as home, travel and office, and makes a new innovative attempt for the functional iteration of smart appliances in the future.

Gs-S One Cleaning Robot by Shanghai Gaussian Automation Tech Dev
GS S ONE is a robot cleaner for large office spaces. It integrates sweeping, scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming. It can perform automatic path planning, elevator calling, and close-to-edge cleaning, and switch between cleaning modes according to the floor type. It scans the cleanliness of the surroundings and performs automatic cleaning under the Auto Spot Cleaning mode. It achieves multi-robot interaction via the Cloud Platform, providing effective unmanned cleaning for large office spaces.

Deer Mesh Stole by Kohei Nishino
Bringing together time-honoured Japanese craftsmanship and modern uniqueness, this double-face mesh design leather stole, made of two layers of extremely thin deerskin to which traditional Japanese gold leaf has been applied, is a first. The mesh design is the main contributor in making the stole light, supple and comfortable to wear. A traditional leather stole may give the impression of being hot, heavy and unwieldy, however, the extremely fine leather and mesh design are proof to the contrary. The stole is available in a variety of solid colours as well as the traditional Kyoto tie-dye. In addition to these designs, a particularly luxurious piece was designed. A stole to which gold leaf has been applied using the traditional Kanazawa method. It is the same process that was used to gild the Kinkaku-ji temple (Golden Pavilion) in Kyoto, which was awarded the status of Intangible Cultural Property. Also, the leather used is sustainable material, which is from venison producers in New Zealand. In addition, deer leather is also excellent in water immersion, making it less stuffy than other leather. The leather becomes soft and supple with time and use. The more you use this stole, the better it drapes, becoming even more wearable and beautiful over time. For this reason, the designer refers to this item as an evolving stole. The stole is available in a variety of solid colours and the traditional Kyoto tie-dye. In addition to these, a particularly luxurious design was created. A stole to which gold leaf is applied using the traditional Kanazawa method. It is the same process that was used to gild Kinkakuji temple (Golden Pavilion) in Kyoto, which was awarded the status of Intangible Cultural Property. The designer regards gold leaf as one of the symbols of Japanese luxury and that of Kanazawa. A unique and valuable item of clothing was created by applying Kanazawa gold leaf to a deer leather stole. It is the hope of 6111 that consumers will enjoy this unique stole which will develop and improve with use and time.

Wheel X Multifunction Steering by Zijie Liu
The design of Wheel X future steering wheel is based on the different needs of the driver under different driving scenarios and motives. The steering wheel will automatically extend and rotate the grip to realize the switching of three modes of unmanned driving, natural driving and sports driving. The inner surface of the grip will transform into a bump texture when in motion, and the outer side has dynamic lighting.

M346 Homage Super Car by Robson Marques De Pontes
The M346 Homage is an all carbon fiber bespoke sports car body project developed to dress a light-weight, aerospace inspired, all electric or mid-engine multipurpose automotive platform. The project reanalyzes conventions by blending the aerospace world with that of the automotive and, from the first sketch to virtual reality reviews, CFD simulations, generative design and the scrutiny until the last detail, everything in the project has been designed in an integrated and bold design taste.

Deadline for submission is February 28. Results will be announced to public on April 15.

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