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A’ Design Awards & Competition – Call for Entries

A ‘Design Award and Competition is one of the largest design contests, and therefore accepts different types of design work, in which it can be sent to 100 categories available. You can choose a product design, industrial design, futuristic, furniture, toys, transport, fashion, packaging and much more. Find the one that best suits your work at:

There are many benefits to winning the A ‘Design Awards & Competition. The winner enjoys prestige, recognition, fame, international awareness, as well as a set of winners. You will proudly hold the A’S Design trophy with a 3D metal print kept in a black luxury box. The winning set also includes the annual year, both in digital and paper version, a certificate of excellence in a metal frame, a free sales list in SaloneDelDesigner, inclusion in the BuySellDesign network, guaranteed publication via IDNN and DXGN Networks up to 100+ magazines, distribution of press releases such as like this one, poster design and A2 print for the exhibition, inclusion in World Design rankings and many more. you can read more details here.

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Laurameroni Design Collection – Talento Unlimited – Cabinet
Talento is a containing unit with a strong visual impact where crafstmanship and design come together in a wise balance of empty and full and an alternation of different depths and proportions. The new “UNLIMITED”; texture in liquid metal embellishes and emphasizes the two doors. The rounded edges of the entire structure and the particular recessed handle represent a further detail which highlights the originality of the design. An architectural jewel designed and equipped for storing objects.

Zitting n Seating (ZNS) – Plover – Multi Purpose Chair
Plover is a multi-purpose chair that allow various sitting postures to meet different work cultures and environments: 1. conventional front-facing seating concept; 2. horse-riding back-to-front seating concept with small tablet as wrist-support for texting with mobile phones; 3. Side seating concept with small tablet as armrest on the side; 4. High-level seating concept with user on tablet as stool with footrest 5. Two-tier seating concept with users sitting on seat and tablet levels The characteristic feature of the Plover Chair is the integrated tablet which offers a small work surface… 1. for users at the following row in conventional classroom setting 2. for users grouping around in horse-riding casual sitting posture in group discussion or collaborative workshops.

1th Studio – Codependent – Table
Codependent melds psychology and design into a category termed AnimaForma, representative of both mind and form. The table’s central premise is a physical manifestation of a psychological condition, specifically codependency. This concept is the focus of this piece, with two interlocking tables that rely upon each other to function. Each table incapable of standing on their own, yet together they create a more stable form echoing the psychological condition.

Nagano Interior Industry Co.,Ltd – Coupe Kitchen Stool – Kitchen Stool
Wooden high stool to be used primarily for home use. This stool is useful in the middle of a sit and stand. You can use the multi-purpose in a variety of situations. It does not take the place if you put against a wall in a compact, light and even feel free to move to where easy to hold. Height of three types according to the height, fabrics, and leathers, wood can also be selected from five. High stool that can be custom to your favorite specifications.

Li Feng – Butterfly – Hanger
Most of the assembled furniture in the Chinese market are constructed by metal joints. However, these metal joints are not ideal for long-term use, because metal and wood are different in material properties that make the joint becomes loose after repeated assemble and disassemble. Butterfly hanger is a kind of furniture benefitted from its material property. Metal and wood are connected through a designed structure, which will not cause internal loss and suitable for repeated disassembly and assembly.

marinomaza – Nina & Beni – Chair
Two steam-bent strips cantilever over the seat to serve first as legs then armrest and finally mold to the lumbar area. The Nina & Beni chair is made from 100% sustainably sourced forests.

Polyhedral Structure Laboratory – Saltatur
The Saltatur demonstrates innovative research in the design and fabrication of a prefab, discrete, spatial composite structure consisting of a spatial, compression-only concrete body, post-tensioning steel rods, and an ultra-thin glass structure on its top in the form of long-span furniture. Using discrete spatial systems would minimize the volume of concrete and the carbon footprint while preserving the necessary mass for structural performance and specific architectural detailing.

unform – Poise – Adjustable Table Lamp
A glowing circle that freely levitates around a line. By changing the position, POISE can have a dynamic or static appeal. POISE has three swivel joints, which allows full flexibility. The heavy T-base serves as counterweight to the very slim and light arm & ring, allowing the lamp to always remain balanced in poise.

Futuredge Design Studio – Black Hole – Speaker
Black Hole designed on the base of modern intelligent technology, and it is a Bluetooth portable speaker. It could be connected to any mobile phone with different platforms, and there is a USB port for connecting to external portable storage. The embedded light could be used as a desk light. Also, the appealing look of Black Hole makes it so appeal homeware could be used in interior design.

Mudita – Pure – Phone
Mudita Pure is a minimalist premium mobile phone that aims to improve the quality of life in today’s world. With an ultralow Specific Absorption Rate head value of 0.08 W/kg and an E Ink display, it is an ideal solution for people who use technology and at the same time take care of their health. Additionally, through the lack of a web browser, applications, games and access to social media sites-Mudita Pure,is designed to reduce distractions, giving users the ability to enjoy life offline.

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