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A’ Design Awards & Competition – Call for Submissions

“A’ Design Design Awards and Competition” calls for the presentation of the best projects. Get a prestigious project award. This is a very important design award for new and professional designers. Apply and gain recognition in the industry. It is a competition platform providing instant fame and success. Remember, you can send many projects to an earlier initial check service (free of charge), register here.

This design award covers all areas of design, from industrial design, product design, fashion, interior design, toys and games, machines, energy products, vehicles, social projects, architecture, futuristic advertising. There are over 100 categories in which you can upload your work. If you think your project does not fit into any of these categories, select the category “Unexpected design” and the jurors will suggest the best category for your work. More details for each category can be found here.

A ‘Design Awards and Competition is an international competition that creates a global audience for the winners, that’s why you can gain many benefits by winning the prize. It’s a great place where companies, designers, audiences and the press meet in one place, where they can work together, creating great business networks for a better future.
Winning this prize for the project means that you will receive a wide PR campaign for your work, a certificate of the winner, a winner’s badge, an annual publication, placing on the world design rankings and a prestigious invitation to a festive night.

Applications will be evaluated by an international jury panel composed of scientists, designers and press members. Fair evaluation and competition jury are key elements of any good design reward. A ‘Design Award is a grand jury consisting of fellow designers, scientists, press members and industry experts from around the world who have mastered their own design disciplines and who have agreed to abide by the A’ Design Award & Jury’s Code of Conduct. The prize chapter is renewed every year with new names to add new perspectives and ensure that a conflict of interest does not arise. Find out more about this design competition here.

Deadline for regular submissions is September 30. Results will be announced to public on April 15.
Start your registration here.

Niwa Outdoor Furniture by Robby Cantarutti and Partners
The project brief was to design a comfortable chair/armchair with simple lines that could be made of die-cast aluminum. The design solves the problem of external resistance, since it is made of aluminum and with very simple shapes. Comfort has been delivered in a very profound way alongside an intriguing futuristic form.
die-cast chair with very sober lines with a great reference to classical geometry. we worked a lot on comfort, in fact it is a very comfortable chair
Visit the following page to learn more:

Fly Flapper RFID Radio Device by Ming-Iung Chen and Wenke Zhang
Managing storage is a tedious work. Traditional RFID scanner is inefficient and cumbersome in storage management, and the scanning data is easily to lose and will not automatically be saved before out of battery. We expect storage management to be as simple as possible without the need for a large amount of manpower to deal with. Meanwhile, this new design no longer looks heavy and stupid. It should be a compact and light device, easy to use with good anti-fall and wear-resisting functions.
The new RFID design can quickly scan the objects without repeated scanning, a maximum of 200 pieces in a long distance and storing 55,000 at one time. Even when it is out of battery, the scanned information can be saved automatically. It is very small and light, easy to hold and convenient to use. It can be connected with mobile phones through Bluetooth, in order to efficiently transfer the scanned information.

Theragun G3PRO Percussion Therapy by Theragun
Dr. Jason S. Wersland, D.C., is a chiropractor and the founder/inventor of Theragun. After being in a motorcycle accident that caused a disc herniation, resulting in intense pain and eventual atrophy, he recognized an extraordinary need for an effective home or portable treatment device for patients to use as they needed.
The TheraGun G3PRO is a professional-grade percussive therapy device that combines the science of 16mm amplitude, 2400 RPM frequency, and a high-quality industrial-grade motor – the essential triad required to relieve pain, improve movement, and aid in recovery. The G3PRO uses these three principles to speak to your body in a language it can understand.

SOL Pocket Rocket Urban Commuter Vehicle by Manuel Messmer
After extensive search we realised that there wasn’t anything available on the market that we loved, in terms of performance and design. We believe in sustainable design, individual mobility and the freedom that comes with it, and maximum performance with minimum maintenance.
Its not an e-bike, its too fast. Its not a moped, it has no pedals. Its a noped, defining a new category of electric twowheelers. The Pocket Rocket is the perfect urban commuter vehicle. Designed and engineered in Stuttgart, Germany.
Visit the following page to learn more:

Ion Endoluminal System Robotic Platform/Minimally Invasive Care by Intuitive Global Design Team
At Intuitive, we believe that minimally invasive care is life-enhancing care. By combining ingenuity and intelligent technology, we expand the potential of physicians to heal without constraints.
The Ion endoluminal system is a new robotic platform for minimally invasive biopsy deep in the peripheral lung. The system features an ultra-thin, human-controlled robotic catheter that allows physicians to navigate into hard-to-reach airways with unprecedented stability and precision. Ion offers capabilities that are unique and powerful: Reach. We invented a flexible robotic catheter that is small enough to reach the airways in all 18 segments of the lung, and precise and stable enough to navigate the tortuous path to get there. Our incredibly thin and flexible vision probe provides direct visualization the entire way. Precision. In many cases, the physician must be able to see beyond the walls of the lung to target the lesion. To solve this, we integrated an innovative fiber-optic shape sensor that provides precise location and shape information throughout the whole navigation and biopsy process. Unlike other tracking technologies, our fiber optic shape sensor is not sensitive to metal objects. The information provided by our shape sensor is coupled with 3D planning software that helps physicians map a detailed virtual plan of their patient’s lung. Targeting and biopsy are performed via these enhanced digital tools. Stability. Finally, we developed the Flexision needle—a flexible biopsy needle that slides through the twists, turns, and bends of the catheter smoothly without affecting aim. All of these technologies work together and strive to overcome the challenges of seeking a tissue diagnosis in the peripheral lung.
Visit the following page to learn more:

Rotary Station Rotary Laser by Plott
When you are on a job, one of the greatest losses of time and money is when a tool breaks and you have to wait to have it repaired. Nothing hurts productivity like going on a site in the morning and setting your instrument up, only to have it tip over and break before you’ve even started working. You’ve now lost half of your workday as your crew watches you drive away to the repair shop.
The Rotary Station solves the problem of equipment breakage crippling production. The Rotary Station has a circular roll cage made of panels to increase durability during drops. The individual points that connect the shell to the core are also designed to break in extreme impacts. The core remains functional, so your work can continue and make repairs once the job is done. Reinstalling the panels is an easy process that can be done yourself, eliminating additional down time on the jobsite.
Visit the following page to learn more:

Hydra Resistance Trainer Swimming Resistance Trainer by Pratik S Bendale
The HYDRA was designed keeping one goal in mind, providing a modern swimming specific resistance training machine which can be operated while being inside the water. The state of art of swimming equipment is only limited to paddles, fins, parachutes and currently the power tower I saw the athletes move and position the machine by trial and error and working their way through the bad experience which got me inspired to do something in that area and design new equipment for the same purpose.
Swimming specific strength training is proved to be more effective than working out in a gym and then applying it in the swimming pool. HYDRA is a modern full body resistance training machine for swimmers. It is the first of its kind machine designed specifically for competitive swimmers who need swimming specific muscle building.It primarily works similar to a water rower unit which contains a turbine and a water chamber to provide resistance when the belt is driven by the swimming athlete.

CP-009 Bike Rack by BKT – Design
The CP 009 is designed in response to the need for bicycle infrastructure in cities because they contribute to an orderly public space and encourage use of the bicycle as a means of non-motorized transportation. It can park up to two bicycles per rack. Its design, as well as being attractive and functional, composed of two materials, aluminum body and the upper part has a rubber surface whose objective is to protect your bike from scratches, both materials are fused in the same geometry.

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