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A’ Design Awards & Competition – Early Call for Entries

It is time for EARLY CALL FOR ENTRIES for the A ‘Design Awards & Competition 2022!
Don’t miss your chance! Submit your best works to the A ‘Design Awards & Competition here. The deadline for early submission is June 30, 2021.

Some of the categories are:
Good Industrial Design Award
Good Architecture Design Award
Good Product Design Award
A ‘Design Award has over 100 categories, see the details here.

The award is not only international prestige but also a 3D printed trophy, yearbook and a great advertisement for you.
You can submit your design, or find out more about the awards.

Wen-Hsin Tu, Cornnie – Corner Seating
A seating series designed for corner spaces, presenting a solitary moment that conveys the message, everyone needs space for themselves. Users can find comfortable corner spaces through the use of the seating and can create a relatively personal space there, without building a wall between each other. The furniture also shows that we don‘t always need to be proactive in seeking interaction, but can take a step back and make ourselves comfortable.

Nazanin saranjampour, Parisa gheisari, shahrzad salehi, kamran rahmani – Mob – Clock
Mob-clock is a desk clock made up of a graded Mobius strap as the main body on a stand and a ball as a pointer. Although time is a linear one direction concept, in normal clocks, there are two repeating loops for each day, AM and PM. Indeed, as in daily life, we do not switch our sides and we just continue and go on through the day, Mob-clock helps the user to have a natural feeling about time. In Mob-clock, the pointer moves in only one direction on one boundary of Mobius to pass 24 hours without any repeating and switching side and boundary.

Sar Jane Hammer by Nan Wang – Hammer
Sar Jane adjusts the weight by adding heavy metals to the handle. When precise control is required, it is locked on the handle to reduce the weight of the hammerhead, making it easy to operate. The metal slider is transferred from the handle to the hammerhead, thereby increasing the impact force without changing the total weight. In this way, only one hammer is needed to meet the two operating requirements and adapt to a variety of situations.

Samsung Think Tank Team, Samsung Bot Chef – Robotic Arm
Samsung Bot Chef is a product concept that brings cutting edge robotics to the home. Designed to work collaboratively with humans in the kitchen, Bot Chef can help chop, stir, season, and cook the perfect meal through simple voice interactions. Bot Chef can read, understand, and assign tasks in regular recipes through natural language processing, and is designed to use everyday kitchen tools and utensils.

The Fifth-Generation Waymo Driver – Powering Safe and Easy Transport
Waymo’s technology, called the Waymo Driver, has the potential to save millions of lives and improve mobility for people and things. The fifth-generation Waymo Driver can be applied to multiple vehicle platforms, from cars to trucks, and power use cases across ride-hailing, trucking, local delivery, and personal car ownership. The latest system is more powerful than ever before and designed for scale, enabling safer and easier transportation for both people and goods.

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