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A’ Design Awards & Competition – Last Call for Entries

A ‘Design Award and Competition is one of the largest design contests, and therefore accepts different types of design work, in which it can be sent to 100 categories available. You can choose a product design, industrial design, futuristic, furniture, toys, transport, fashion, packaging and much more.Find the one that best suits your work at:

Remember to register here and upload your design before February 28.

Sola – One Line – Garden Furniture
Sola furniture collection allows to charge mobile devices anywhere using the energy generated by the clean solar energy. Cells with a total power of 26 watts are placed in a discrete casing which charges the internal battery. The accumulated energy can be used to charge mobile devices and to illuminate the tabletop. The panel size has been optimally fitted for energy needs, which is why the SOLA products are independent and ecological.

Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd. – Oppo Enco W31 – True Wireless Headphones
The Oppo Enco W31 true wireless headphones stand out from mainstream in-ear headphones with an iconic design, complemented by high wearing comfort and well-conceived functions. The intuitive touch controls and a wearing detection function simplifies the operation for users. The lightweight earbuds are equipped with silicone ear tips that ensure a secure and snug fit for extended use. In connection with a compact charging case, they offer users up to 15 hours of music enjoyment on the go.

DesignInCave Design Studio, Cappadocia – Solarpill – Emergency Location Marking
There are two modes of use, main function that the design is mainly focused on is Flashing Mode(or SOS) which provides a communication by flashing periodically. Second mode is for general lighting purposes. If you are in a situation where you need to visually indicate your location in nature, you can leave a trace of where you are by pinning the modules on the tree (or any other proper surfaces) by using the grooved needle detail. An other use by dropping it on a suitable ground or simply by hanging it.

RDS Co., Ltd. – WF01TR – Racing Wheelchair
A racing wheelchair developed and designed to maximize the athlete’s own abilities and improve competitive performance. The design focusing on the short-distance event is ultra-lightweight, high-rigidity and high acceleration, while improving body hold and stability when cornering. The seat position is determined by the seat position simulator SS01, including the optimization of the rowing of the players, and the manufacture is done order made.

myStromer AG – Stromer ST5 – S-Pedelec
The unsurpassed flagship of the Stromer S-Pedelec range, with exclusive high-end components and maximally integrated design for the highest performance and excellent riding dynamics. The strong rear-wheel motor with Sport mode for assistance up to 45 km/h (850 W | 48 Nm) and a range up to 180 km.

AirJet Designs – Private Helicopter – Aircraft Interior
With this project, we created a sporty, modern helicopter cabin inspired by the stylistic lines of high-end race cars. Styling is centered around the design of seats, integrating angular lines and a color palette ranging from beige to greys, and black with blue accents. The overall design combines several technological features that aim at giving the passenger a greater sense of comfort and physical interaction with the surroundings, such as for example ventilated seat bottom and backrest.

Lavazza – Lavazza Desea – Coffee Machine
A friendly machine designed to offer the complete package of Italian coffee culture: from espresso to authentic cappuccino or latte. The touch interface arranges the selections in groups – one for coffee, one for milk. Drinks can be personalized with boost functions. Necessary service is indicated in the center. The machine comes with a dedicated glass mug and applies Lavazza’s form language with controlled surfacing, refined details and special attention to colors, materials & finish.

Arçelik A.Ş – Grundig Serenity – Tea Maker
Serenity is a contemporary tea maker that focuses on joyful user-experience. The project mostly focuses on aesthetic elements and user experience as the main aim suggests product to be different from the existing products. The dock of the tea maker is smaller than the body which allows product to look over the ground that brings unique identity. Slightly curved body combined with sliced surfaces also supports the unique identity of the product.

QUAD studio – Megalopolis X – Shenzhen Super Headquarter
The incorporation of technological advances and a framework of a city of the future go beyond the design of mega towers that may dominate a city skyline. Rather, it encapsulates from the start a diversified Eco belt covering the full width across an east-west axis, around which a central park defines its depth. The design also anticipates the use of future technologies by creating as much public space above ground as possible, whilst incorporating a supportive utility infrastructure below ground to service the entire city.

Tactile – Tektronix 5 Series MSO – Oscilloscope
The first oscilloscope designed for touch from the ground up, the Tektronix 5 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) features multiple patent-pending design elements offering a revolutionary experience with unparalleled digital visibility. An enhanced user interface provides intuitive touch input, visual and statistical feedback, and improved contextual problem-solving. With a 15.6-inch HD display, 5 Series MSO allows most functions to be performed on screen, minimizing knobs and buttons.

Remember to register here and upload your design before February 28.


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