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A’ Design Awards & Competition – Last Call for Entries

A ‘Design Award and Competition is one of the largest design contests, and therefore accepts different types of design work, in which it can be sent to 100 categories available. You can choose a product design, industrial design, futuristic, furniture, toys, transport, fashion, packaging and much more.Find the one that best suits your work at:

Remember to register here and upload your design before February 28.

Memoria Chair by Sergio Sesmero
Memoria is a groundbreaking furniture proposal based on sustainability, functionality and the creation of new sensorial experiences, by the usage of concrete fabric as the main manufacturing element. A very unusual material in furniture and generally used in civil constructions due to its high durability, resistance and sustainability. The project arises from a deep study of the changes taking place in society, and how these are affecting the forms of consumption in the youngest consumers.

Cornnie Corner Seating by Wen-Hsin Tu
A seating series designed for corner spaces, presenting a solitary moment that conveys the message, everyone needs space for themselves. Users can find comfortable corner spaces through the use of the seating and can create a relatively personal space there, without building a wall between each other. The furniture also shows that we don‘t always need to be proactive in seeking interaction, but can take a step back and make ourselves comfortable.

Transparent Chair by Xuanang Gao
It is not only functional practical and beautiful but also can be used to place objects. The chair is made of different materials, and the structure of the entire chair can be seen through the transparent plastic.

Be Water Lamp by Fernando Correa
It is a kinetic linear, modular, recessed, wall wash, decorative LED lamp installed inside a light cove or behind furniture. Light is refracted through a deformed glass cylinder that rotates on its axis projecting upward fluctuating flares of light. One single motor can rotate with traction from 1 to 6 modules. Components: – Motor unit – 1 to 6 modules – 1 to 6 glass cylinders The color variations Be Fire, Be Air & Be Earth are obtained with accessory filters applied directly to the light source.

Phantom Integrated Lamp by Alexey Danilin
This is an integrated lamp in the wall, all parts of which are located inside the wall, thanks to which the illusion of a voluminous gliding table lamp is created. The object resembles an apparition, we see it, but it is in a different plane.

Body Voice Innovative Devices by Lihsing Wang and Yulin Tsai
The Body Voice is driven by technology, a wearable instrument that allows dancers to create music through their dance moves. Body voice is a set of designs, including the Clips, an App, and a Bluetooth speaker. The wireless Bluetooth clips are motion sensors that clip anywhere on dancer’s bodies to collect their movements digitally and send them to the mobile phone. The user modifies it on an App where converts movements into music and plays it on the Bluetooth speaker.

Dandelion Seed Speaker Light by Mohammad Mahdi Najafi
The quality sound of a 360-degree speaker beside a soft light, creating a sense of levitating by the magnetic field technology, makes this design unique. A combination of the user’s feelings and technology turned this design indelible. In addition to an exceptional function, this product helps people reveal the tensions and stress.

CanguRo Mobility Robot by Shunji Yamanaka – fuRo
With CanguRo, we hope to forge a new relationship between machines and humans in the era of artificial intelligence (AI). Blessed with advanced robotics and AI technologies, this three-wheeled robot is an independent yet friendly partner, capable of autonomously coming to you via smartphone commands, avoiding obstacles and following your walk. When it transforms, furthermore, CanguRo is ready to give us an actual ride, being not just a vehicle but a trustworthy creature like a horse.

Lavazza MilkUp Milk Frother by Florian Seidl
MilkUp lets you enjoy authentic Italian cappuccino at home. Quietly and efficiently preparing different recipes using magnetic induction. The backlit stop&go button is emphasized visually by a coloured ring. The jug is made from brushed INOX and has no internal moving parts. This makes it easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. It has clear marks for minimum and maximum levels on the inside and an ergonomic handle. The whisk has a dedicated storage area on top of the lid.

Chuangze Intelligent Disinfection Robot by Qingmin Li
Chuangze Intelligent Disinfection Robot is an autonomous mobile intelligent disinfection robot for use in public places. It can disinfect the environment in an all-round way with its plasma air purification module, surround UV lamp and ground disinfection module, achieving a disinfection rate of 99.9%. It also features face recognition and body temperature measurement modules to accommodate the disinfection needs of such public places as hospitals and hotels.

Remember to register here and upload your design before February 28.

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