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A’ Design Awards & Competition – Last Call for Entries

A ‘Design Award and Competition is one of the largest design contests, and therefore accepts different types of design work, in which it can be sent to 100 categories available. You can choose a product design, industrial design, futuristic, furniture, toys, transport, fashion, packaging and much more.Find the one that best suits your work at:

All entries will be evaluated by an international jury panel composed of scientists, designers and press members. Some selected winners will be published on April 15.

Beel Seat Ware by Selami Gündüzeri
I was inspired by the clean and minimalistic shapes and designed with inspiration from the human spine system, Beel offers comfortable sitting and healthy posture.

Aestus Vase by Oliver David Krieg
Aestus is a series of stratified wooden vases exploring a new synthesis of traditional materials and modern technology. Carved from hundreds of layers of wood by an industrial robot, the vases capture the fluidity of the machine’s movements in the depth of the wooden texture. Aestus is both a story of material exploration and of technical prowess. Each of the four vases is an expression of the aesthetics of a modern manufacturing process, as well as a statement for contemporary wood design.

Pole Saw Protecting Falling Dust by UNNC M3 Dept and XC-Tools
Garden tools are widely using now, and there has a kind of different categories. Pole saw is used to cut the high branches, therefore people has no need to cut branches in the high altitude. However, the research finding is that there still exist some problems. First of all, the falling sawdust always troubles the user when cutting. In addition, due to the heavy weight, people will feel tried when holding the pole saw for a long time.

The Pet Carrier Dog Bag by Mauricio Issa
Most dog carriers are designed to transport from A to B only, without giving much thought to their experience during the journey. Our Pet Carrier aims to change that providing a better experience for both the animal and the owner.

Supporting Umbrella Independent Support by Li Purui
In many public places,we can easily find the umbrella stand.But in private housing,it is not common.The traditional umbrella stand is too clumsy,but this is flexible.Let the umbrella be placed gracefully.

Cell Biology 3D Printers Medical Devices by Yu Tan and Xiongfei Zheng
The design core of this model is the complete isolation of the “print” area and mechanical system.The product has a built-in HEPA filter system and an innovation of 365 nm wavelength uv sterilization system, which maintains a sterile environment.The interior design of the product enables positive pressure air circulation to prevent contamination from entering the printer.

Astron Shape Shifting Rug Shape Shifting Rug by Ingrid Kulper
This Rug is designed specifically for countries with varm summers and where a Rug is only desired in the cold season like autumn and winter. The bench has a function with a lid where the Rug pieces easily will fit and can be kept when not in use. It is also possible for the user to form different designs depending on how the Rug pieces are placed next to each other.

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