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A’ Design Awards & Competition – Winners

A ‘Design Awards and Competition is an international competition that creates a global audience for the winners. It’s a great place where companies, designers, audiences and the press meet in one place, where they can work together, creating great business networks for a better future. This design award covers all areas of design, from industrial design, product design, fashion, interior design, toys and games, machines, energy products, vehicles, social projects, architecture, futuristic advertising. A’ Design Award it’s a great platform to showoff your skills and talents to the world.

Here are our top 20 all years winning designs in random order:

Intuitive Global Design Team – daVinci SP – Surgical System
The da Vinci SP surgical system is an advanced, robotic-assisted platform for minimally invasive surgery (MIS). It acts as a natural extension of a surgeon’s eyes and hands through a combination of cutting-edge robotics, 3DHD stereoscopic vision, and intuitive human-interface controls. The system delivers all of this capability through a single small incision. We have been vigilant about providing as much capability to surgeons and their care teams (nurse circulators, scrub techs, and surgical assists) as possible, because we know that they will use everything we can provide to care for their patients. That’s why we work to deliver smart technology and capabilities that provide the ease of use, services, training, and data insights required to help surgeons and their teams succeed. Said Dan Eun, MD, Chief Robotic Surgery, Temple University Hospital: “The introduction of the da Vinci SP system represents the first time that surgeons will have a comprehensive surgical platform that combines a single port and enhanced optics with wristed advanced instrumentation. As the capabilities and limitations of minimally invasive surgery shift, da Vinci SP will challenge us all to rethink and redefine what is possible and how we can improve surgical care to our patients.” The da Vinci SP system is FDA cleared for urologic procedures, including prostate, cancer, kidney cancer, and advanced urinary tract reconstruction surgery.

Ideal – Combine Harvester
Ideal is Agco’s new platform of combine harvesters providing innovation, quality and growth to farmers. Ideal, the first high capacity combine with a narrow body, offers full connectivity, a complete, automated adjustment, Real Time Crop Flow visualization and a very efficient processing system. It outperforms on grain and straw quality, grain handling, power efficiency, capacity and optimization of complex harvesting operations with ease of use, comfort and a unique style.
Barry O’Shea, Vinicius Alvim, Todd Callaway, Robert Cieko, Paul Fairchild, Simon Irwin, Phil Kelcey, Rodrigo Lima, Patrick Lorriette, Brandon Montgomery, Rodrigo Souza, Glen Suffolk, Kevin Kirk and Enrico Maria Zanotto

Carqon – Electric Cargo Bike
Carqon wants to offer ambitious parents the freedom and convenience of a distinctive cargo bike which distances itself from the status-quo. Via a stylish, sturdy and thoughtfully designed cargo bike, fully equipped with reliable high-end quality parts. Carqon is an exclusive mobility solution for parents who want to benefit from the freedom and convenience of a cargo bike. Carqon wants to provide parents a mobility solution where they can move in style.
Frank Wijlhuizen, Walter van Tuijl, Imre Verhoeven , Maarten Swijnenburg , Stéphanie Hoekstra, Brian Hoehl and Sander van Oosterum

Reverse – Clock
Reverse is a minimalistic and unordinary clock design with subtle changes making it one of a kind. The little hand moves by the outer edges of the clock and points to the hour while the middle one pivots in the center and points to the minutes. It’s simple, yet different.
Mattice Boets

Gizelle – Lifestyle Cat litter box
This is not a fancy speaker, this is a cat litter box. Yep. Check again. It really is. And a beautiful one. One you want to put into you homes and apartments. You do all the work of making your home beautiful and cosy, why should a litter box not be part of all that. Why is the litter box always the weird looking object in the room. We wanted to create a gorgeous lifestyle cat litter box at a very competitive price. This is a litter box especially designed for the smaller living spaces.
david dos santos

Vapor Breeze – Tea Set
The enshrouding mist is now substantiated by a rolling surface. The entire set can be put on desktop or any flat surface for pleasant visual and touching experience. The symbolized vapor strips circle entire body with a streaming effect. The holes let people see the depth of the vapor in a mist. The pointed base is designed purposely to make the set look like floating in the air. The pot and cup share the same vocabulary. Cup shares the same dynamic theme in a more open-up manner.
Naai-Jung Shih

Norlan Whisky Glass – Drinking Glass
Inspired by nature, digitally crafted, and meticulously refined with a master whisky distiller, the glass has been designed to capture whisky’s complex flavors and aromatics and deliver them to the senses like never before. With the aid of specially developed protrusion forms inside the glass, whisky swirled within the bowl forms a standing wave shape, increasing the surface to air ratio and rate of oxidization, thereby reducing the presence of ethanol for more expressive aromas.
Designer: Sruli Recht, Brand Director: Brian Fichtner and CEO: Shane Bahng

Sona Cruise – Personal massager
The sonic massager that stimulates 75 percent more of the clitoris. It features Cruise Control which reserves 20 percent of Sona Cruise’s full power during normal use to unleash that extra power once the motor begins to drop it, to make sure the intensity is on the same level all the time. It’s completely automatic, and it eliminates the single most common complaint against pleasure products
LELO Creative Team

The Barisieur – Tea & Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock
The Barisieur is a premium alarm clock that eases you into your morning with the soothing sounds of bubbling water along with the smell of the freshly brewed coffee or loose leaf tea.
Joshua Renouf and Joshua Shires

Phenotype 002 Bracelet – Bracelet
The form of Phenotype 002 bracelet is the result of a digital simulation of biological growth. Using specialized algorithms a shape of bracelets is created. Then the prototype is materialized through 3D printing. The final object is created using traditional craft techniques: jewelry is handcast, polished and finished.
Maciej Nisztuk

Traces – Womenswear Collection
The collection shows intricately crafted, multi-layered garments and explorations into digital printing, digital embroidery and elastic material weaving, and creates thought-provoking silhouettes through a conscious layering textiles to represent the constraint of the Chinese examinations. The collection’s concept goes against the over-simplified garments in mass production, and brings back the craftsmanship with the contemporary aesthetic.
Rong Zhang

Firo – Fire Cooking Set
The “Firo” cooking set opens a new era and sets a new standard for cooking outdoor. It combines the atmosphere of fire, good food and stimulates the communication between people. It can be used in each open fire. On the beach, in a fire bowl on the patio or in an open fireplace in the living room. The oven is portable, flexible in use and expandable up to 12 persons by using more “Gratino’s” (eating bowls). While the oven is left half in the fire, you operate outside for your safety. The multifunctional set includes everything you need: oven, cooking and eating bowls, cutlery, blanket, gloves, covers.
NIMTSCHKE DESIGN – Andrea Sosinski

K-Haler – Inhaler
k-haler was designed to address many of the issues that have persisted since the invention of the first pressurised metered dose inhaler in 1956. It is breath activated, eliminating the need for patients to coordinate their breathing, but takes lower force to trigger it than most other breath actuated inhalers. k-haler’s unique technology has the potential to be suitable for a range of inhaled products and forms a platform for future drug development by Mundipharma.
Clinical Designs Limited, a subsidiary of Mundipharma International Limited

Eagle – Electric kick scooter
The lightest and thinnest electric scooter on earth with an integrated handle-build-in dashboard! Its minimalistic, curvilinear frame collapses and nests snuggly together so you can throw it over a shoulder or drag it behind you as you switch between transportation modes during your commute.
COO- Vincent Marbe, Investor- Michel BARRO (Citybirds SARL), Engineer- Jevgenijus Piurko, Design- Ignas Survila, Photos- Martyna Jovaisaite

Alpy – Educational Robot
Alpy presents a novel approach and combines the functionalities of a complete STEAM kit with the attraction of a robot. The product can easily be transformed from a basic physically programmed robot towards an autonomous intelligent robot. The platform customization is handled through opaque, transparent, rigid or function specific modules with common interfaces. The components can easily be altered via the user due the robust inherent design and requires no soldering or special tools.
Alp Erdener, Anıl Özfuttu and Doğuhan Pala

FlexPai – Foldable Smartphone
The FlexPai can be easily folded and unfolded. The combination of phone and tablet are perfectly solving the long-term contradiction between big screen and portability. FlexPai only needs a set of cameras to achieve folding shooting and self-timer. The flowing design concept of the Royole self-designed Water Operating System allows applications to adapt to different screen sizes in different states of folding and unfolding. It embodies the concept of inseparable science and art.
Royole Corporation

Teawith Kettle – Kettle
TEAWITH tried to create an unique tea experience that fits in modern lifestyle, while retaining the essence of oriental aesthetics. 1 The sense of quietness. The Oriental arched handle offers an classical elegant outline, yet the upright form is more reminiscent of Western design. The base takes design queues from traditional square-shape iron teapot stand. 2 Unique interaction. Hold the handle and press, and the kettle is turned on – one step in a fluid unconscious action. 3 Export in tea. The narrow spout offers excellent control of water flow, and ensures a clean and pleasant brewing experience.
Art Director: Liu Fang, Keren Hu and Designer: Ding Fan, Fang Jianping, LiYu, Luo Tianze, Zeng Yuan

Wiivv Custom Fit Sandal – Custom Fit Footwear from you Smartphone
Wiivv’s smartphone app with award winning user experience capture the users data and then generates a biomechanically optimised design. It is 3D printed, and shipped to the customer within 14 days. – Custom Fit – using the customers foot data, the sandal’s arch support is printed unique to them, and the straps anchors placed in specific locations. – Comfort – the triple density foam footbed, deep heel cup, biomechanically data driven design, no rub toe thong construction, custom strap placement and custom arch support make it the most comfortable in on the market.
Chris Bellamy – Wiivv – Engineering, Michael Salmon – Wiivv – Design, Brett Ritter – Wiivv – Manufacturing, Carly Fennel – Wiivv – Biomechanics and Amy Vandenendye – Wiivv – Biomechanics

Cake Kalk – Lightweight Electric Off-Road Motorbikes
CAKE develops uncompromising high performance electric off-road motorbikes. CAKE’s mission is to speed up the journey towards a zero emission society, combining excitement with responsibility. All components are made from scratch to optimize the riding performance in this new category. Every little detail is elaborated for perfection, while considering the perspectives of sustainability. It’s all about the outdoors. – Explore with respect.
Stefan Ytterborn – CEO, Marcus Carlsson – Product Manager, David Gonzalez – Lead designer and Nils Ytterborn – Software and supply chain

Beel – Seat Ware
Beel, which is formed with two stages of back, provides flexibility in sitting. The back part creates a slight spring effect and provides ergonomic posture.
Selami Gündüzeri

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