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A’ Design Awards & Competition – Winners

A ‘Design Awards and Competition is an international competition that creates a global audience for the winners. It’s a great place where companies, designers, audiences and the press meet in one place, where they can work together, creating great business networks for a better future. This design award covers all areas of design, from industrial design, product design, fashion, interior design, toys and games, machines, energy products, vehicles, social projects, architecture, futuristic advertising. A’ Design Award it’s a great platform to showoff your skills and talents to the world.

Here are the top 20 winning designs of 2020/2021 in random order:

The Doberman Chair Armchair by Lianghao Zha
The design inspiration comes from a kind of Germany dog called Doberman. So the chair name after it as The Doberman Chair. And the side view of the chair is designed based on the golden ratio. The Doberman Chair has a suspended backrest and a long seat size, both covered with black leather.

Ging Chair by Alan Hung
Ging are solid wood chairs which have unique shape, both dynamic and stylish. The design intended to give people strong impression at first sight with its distinct form, also intended to attract people to touch and feel the quality of wood. The chairs are made with latest technology and exceptional craftmanship. The seamless joints made the chair perceived sleek and modern. The chairs are available with or without the armrest. The without armrest version are stackable to make the chairs even more versatile for the different setting.

Vague Stool by Rodrigo Erthal
Vague is a de-constructed stool with structural curves which form its shape. An astonishing piece of furniture, for every different angle from which it is seen reveals a harmonious composition. The metal-cast stools bring out the poetry of what was the sketch inception; lines previously drawn morph into tubes and highlight the environment as a ready-to-enjoy object of art.

TriPawd Dog Wheelchair by Dosun Shin
This project was to design an assistive device that will help 3 legs-handicapped dogs walk and stand on their own. Two large rear wheels were used to improve both the stability and mobility of the device, while a front small wheel on the metal tube frame connecting the two wheels provided strong support for the chest cup. The bent metal frame provided just enough space for the dog to walk without any interference of his legs. The pole is height-adjustable for different sizes of dogs.

Neko Goten Cat Tower by Hitomi Otake
It is a very luxurious cat tower that your cat can play with safely. It has been designed with a comfortable environment for cats to live in, and the look and feel of the interior and the gravity of the interior are carefully considered to please the cat as well as the owner.

Standly Bao Folding Chair by Ming Hsiu Lee and Hu Jui Chung
Standly Bao is a assistive device for workers who need to go through long period of standing, keeping them in fine standing posture and mental state, at the same time having the same mobility as standing. With three points pressure method, pressure of lower limbs can be reduced, thus keeping workers from developing wrong standing posture. When the device is folded up, it gives back the space to narrow working space such as counters in bar or departmentstore.

Musical Vase by Leijing Zhou and Ying Zhou
The musical vase is a multifunctional vase suitable for different scenes: First of all, this is a unique vase that can hold flowers, dried flowers or fruits. The detachable transparent glass container and the platform enable it to combine with the object being held in different ways. Secondly, at the bottom of it is a Bluetooth player, which attempts to establish a dialogue between human and nature by integrating with the vase, bringing a multi-sensory experience to people.

Butterfly Chair by Wei Jingye and Wang Yiqin
This chair is designed with the butterfly as the source of inspiration, gradually transformed from the basic shape of the butterfly, and finally developed this kind of butterfly chair.The structure is stable, and the overall furniture has a good fusion of shape and structure. This furniture adopts 3D printing technology and uses high-speed steel as raw material for better strength. On the whole, it can cater to the aesthetic and leisure needs of modern people.

CanguRo Mobility Robot by Shunji Yamanaka – fuRo
With CanguRo, we hope to forge a new relationship between machines and humans in the era of artificial intelligence (AI). Blessed with advanced robotics and AI technologies, this three-wheeled robot is an independent yet friendly partner, capable of autonomously coming to you via smartphone commands, avoiding obstacles and following your walk. When it transforms, furthermore, CanguRo is ready to give us an actual ride, being not just a vehicle but a trustworthy creature like a horse.

Sadler Foldable Electric Bike by Gianluca Sada
Sadler is a hubless bike with an innovative design, made in carbon fiber. It is foldable and portable design, measuring only 26 inches when folded, makes it the world’s most compact. Available in three versions: classic, 3-gear shift and electric motor Sadler Bike is versatile and light, suitable for street, urban and soft-outdoor environments. 100 percent Made in Italy, Sadler Bike innovative design combines functionality with exclusive materials.

Lavazza MilkEasy Milk Frother by Florian Seidl
This elegant frother prepares a wide range of milk-based beverages. With the touch of a button, it makes cold and hot milk froth or hot milk. The backlit button is emphasized by a coloured ring, allowing to link it chromatically to other Lavazza products. The magnetic whisk is removable, and the coated vessel can be rinsed and cleaned easily. The transparent lid lets the user check the progress of the preparation at any time. The metal ring on top adds precision and cleanliness when pouring.

Lavazza Elogy Milk Coffee Machine by Florian Seidl
This coffee machine with integrated milk frother offers the complete package of Italian coffee culture: from espresso to cappuccino or latte. It is characterised by a big, seamless shell with three-dimensional Lavazza logo on the side. Metal accents underline the main touch points like lever, drip grid and UI. The Lavazza in Black system also offers peel-able coffee pods that can be recycled more easily. A lot of work went into reducing noise level and energy consumption.

Happy Water Humidifier by Guangpeng Yue
The products switch is designed as a floating magnetic ball to create a clear visual and tactile difference from other humidifiers. Unlike other humidifiers, designers pay more attention to consciousness rather than efficiency. While holding the magnetic ball to turn on the humidifier, it reminds the user to live in the present through wonderful body and visual effects.

AGV Construction Heavy-Duty Chassis by Fan Wu and Hao Meng
AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is a platform specially designed and optimized for complex building construction environment, capable of being stuffed with robotic arms, or a lifting system as well as robotic arms. It can plan its own behavior according to the complex external environment, and help humans engage in dangerous construction work with its superb barrier-crossing ability and athletic performance.

Hobot388 Window Cleaning Robot by HOBOT Technology Inc.
Relying on the vacuum suction power to attach to the window, Hobot388 can move freely with two cleaning wheels and mimic the human hand gesture to clean the window. Hobot388 also equips an ultrasonic water spray nozzle that nebulizes 15μm mists water like the effect of human exhale on the window to bring the best cleaning result. Besides, Hobot388 is the best cleaning solution for large and/or outdoor windows with the extension power cord to ensures the safety and user’s convenience.

High Vacuum Sputtering System Sputterer and Evaporator by Yang Yang
This Ultra High Vacuum Sputtering System subverts the traditional model. On the basis of the functional machine, it integrates many factors for industrial design according to the requirements of the users and the environments. This system mainly adopts modular combination mode, which is convenient for combined installation, transportation and maintenance.The overall shape design is neat and beautiful, the surface treatment is fine, the fuselage is matched with the translucent acrylic mask in gray tone, giving people a simple, modern and beautiful feeling. Ergonomics and interactions are reflected in the design of the control screen.

Amphibious Rescue Drone by Junkai Shao and Wenzhe Tang
This is a portable amphibious rescue drone, which integrates disaster investigation, life detection, search and rescue positioning, equipment transportation and emergency lighting functions. It can turn four wings to form portable mode, flight mode or diving mode. The outer diameter of the four wings is equipped with radar life detection device to locate the rescue position of the survivors. The inner diameter is equipped with detection light, which can deal with the search and rescue tasks in dark areas.

Origami Mask Fashion Mask by Yuriko Wada
This project was inspired by the traditional origami technique of folding a single sheet of paper and the functionality of washi paper, with its texture and breathability, a technique and material born in Japan. This origami mask is a project that combines two traditional elements that are familiar to Japanese people: washi and origami.

Just Watch by Vadim Kibardin
From a wrist presence perspective, the watch has unique and minimalistic styling. It has the size and weight to grab the attention of those around it without being intrusive. The casing is flat and angled to your face. In fact, it is much thicker at the 12 oclock side of the watch. This has the effect of positioning the watch face at such an angle that allows the wearer to look at the time without needing to turn the wrist.

Elves Camping Accessories by Qing Yan
“Elves” is a camping accessory set that offers sustainable design solutions for users that are conscientious about their carbon footprint and the impacts on the environment. At the heart is a re-imagined fireplace that runs on solar energy and is designed to provide a new experience, complete with an area to roast marshmallows. After all, sustainability needs the products in the set to help provide a positive camping experience in nature, without creating more CO2 emissions by doing so.

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