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A’ Design Awards & Competition – Winners

A ‘Design Awards and Competition is an international competition that creates a global audience for the winners. It’s a great place where companies, designers, audiences and the press meet in one place, where they can work together, creating great business networks for a better future. This design award covers all areas of design, from industrial design, product design, fashion, interior design, toys and games, machines, energy products, vehicles, social projects, architecture, futuristic advertising. A’ Design Award it’s a great platform to showoff your skills and talents to the world.

Here are the top 20 winning designs of 2021/2022 in random order:

DC 3 Stool by Sergio Fahrer
With a sculptural design, the stool concept refers to the aerodynamic lines of the monoplane that inspired it, the DC 3. The versatility of plywood cut by the CNC technique provides freedom of creation, bringing innovation to the stool’s design that when seen sideways reproduces the shape of the legendary aircraft’s wing structure. Using its own structure as a detail, the piece is built by respecting the natural aspect of its raw material, making its unique details a true invitation to the eyes

Graphic Sofa by Bia Rezende
With a simple and geometric design, without any ornaments, a unique form that follows the function: to sit. The Graphic sofa presents a balance between the structured, rigid sitting, with the curved design, bringing lightness to the room. It is a great choice for receptions and living rooms.

Clover High Stool by Shuangyong Jin and Yunfei Zhao
Each “leaf” is made by pieces of scrap solid wood in mosaic pattern. The curvy stool legs are carved by digital control machine in the first step and then fine-tuned by hand polishing. The entire stool is connected by a unique mortise and tenon joint in the center to ensure a stable structure and break the traditional orthodox image of the woodwork at the same time. This piece of creature integrates modernity and heritage in terms of both design and crafts.

Odgen Credenza Cabinet by Carolina Arsad
Odgen credenza was designed and crafted with love for Iola Home, an Indonesian-based furniture studio. The unique curvy shape of Odgen which is also combined with several selected quality materials such as sungkai wood, terrazzo, and brushed bronze aimed to be sustainable. The design is simple, fun, playful yet timeless. Suitable for decorating a living room, bedroom, or any spacious place in your home or office.

Bio Chair by Vladimir Zagorac
The ambiguous shape of the opening on the seat’s back, recognizable as a leaf or shell transforms into a more characteristic form similar to the flower of the Calla aethiopica plant on the edge of the backrest. This edge bends slightly backwards and rises on one side, creating a new visual effect as opposed to the other side. The asymmetry of the silhouette does not affect the functionality and ergonomics of the seat since changes in the shape occur only in the outer areas of the form.

The Bevel Sofa by Sara Hayat
The sofa is made from several cushions linked together and placed on a wooden platform. The cushions are made from special gel foam and high density foam, along with wooden frames and spring to give the pillows their one of a kind shape. The details added to the sofa like the belt and the legs supporting the platform, adds a unique flair to the design. From the angles of the backrest to the width of each cushion, the piece is intentionally designed to make anyone using the piece to feel warm, relaxed and to feel like they’re being held.

Formation Cabinet by Oliver Bowien
The Formation Cabinet can serve as a bedroom chest or sideboard, an entertainment unit or can be an inspirational concept for a customized furniture piece. There are 5 doors and 2 drawers which are mantled in goatskin and open in different directions, some of them in an very unusual way. The encasement is finished in a hand polished gloss crystal resin. The solid metal legs are polished nickel.

The Home Lamp by Nima Keivani
four home shape in this lamp is used to refer to the four elements of nature that form man and the universe in the composition, and light, which is a sign of awareness and excellence, is located in the core of these houses. The rotation of light cubes in the direction of rotation of the Sun. the concrete frame marks of modern architecture, that is, regardless of the spirit of the place and the real existence of humans.

Lavazza Voicy Coffee Machine by Florian Seidl
Voicy is the first espresso machine with built-in voice assistant. A smart product combining quality coffee with functions provided by Alexa – all in a beautiful and innovative device. The user can interact through the UI, voice commands, or use the app to check status, consumption, order coffee and, above all, make espresso. Innovation, functionality, and aesthetics in perfect harmony to meet the needs of users who experience their coffee ritual in an increasingly personalized way.

Simart Katya Robot Vacuum Cleaner by Ahmet Burak Veyisoglu
Outfitted with an intelligent route planning system and easily-operated by the app, Simart Katya Robot Vacuum Cleaner scans room perimeters and maps the most efficient cleaning path by using the Laser Distribution Sensor. A suction rating of 3000 Pa and two sweeping brushes combine to ensure a thorough clean. The 6000 mAh battery supports up to 3 working hours, or cleans a 300 sqm housing area. The slim water tank design makes it possible to vacuum and mop at the same time, saving time and energy.

Easynav Infinity Surgical System by Shreya Paliwal
The design ensures visual reflection of the quality of the product using unique form language while also being optimized for manufacturing and cost. It challenges the assumption that good curves and unique form language can only be achieved using processes like thermoforming, die casting, and so on. Infinity sets itself apart in the market with a unique form factor achieved using only sheet metal, a few bending, welding, and finishing processes.

Plus Health Medicine Box with SOS Function by Lu Yi and Zirong Zhangyang
The original intention of design is to protect the safety of the elderly when they are out on their own. It integrates phone calls, emergency medicine boxes and emergency calls.

KNX Waltz Touch Pad Smart Home Control Panel by Cen Jiayun, Liu Dan, Luo Yi and Peng Yongjian
KNX intelligent control with integrated screen and buttons, the first G-link configuration mode in KNX; users can DIY the functions and colors of buttons, and the button can be freely replaced to adapt to different architectural styles. The independent metal bar design at the bottom with built-in electronic components makes the panel thinner and also enhance the brand recognition.

One More Faucet by Mitra Mohammad Hosseini Sisakht
This faucet consists of two parts to make it possible for several people to use at the same time. Or to be used for 2 part sinks. It takes up little space and the height could be changed according to the user’s needs. With no need to touch the faucet, the water flow in each spout could be activated or deactivated by hand gestures in front of sensors located on top of each spout. The amount of water flow in both spouts could be seen on the touch screen in the middle of the two spouts to attract users attention to daily water consumption and its management. To prevent unwanted use, users can control the usability of one tap or both.

Compact Pro Air Purifier by Sxdesign
After systematic optimization, we resculpted the shape of the fan runner in Compact Pro and determined that a square proportion would be better. This improves the performance by 50% while making better use of space and arranges the electronics more compactly. In design, the floating table-shaped interaction area with breathing light creates the visual center. The various parts are integrated by a high-order surfaces transition surrounded. The minimalist, neutral style conveys an inclusive ethos.

Aris-Idc Data Room Inspection by Liu Zhe and Li Xuan
At present, the construction period of large-scale idcs is about 1-2 years and these data centers are usually located in remote areas. Thus It is difficult to recruit technical personnel for daily inspection, operation and maintenance. Besides the labor cost and employee turnover rate is high. There are problems such as inadequate and inaccurate inspection in manual inspection process which lacks of data management and data application.

GS-S One Cleaning Robot by Shanghai Gaussian Automation Tech Dev.
GS S ONE is a robot cleaner for large office spaces. It integrates sweeping, scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming. It can perform automatic path planning, elevator calling, and close-to-edge cleaning, and switch between cleaning modes according to the floor type. It scans the cleanliness of the surroundings and performs automatic cleaning under the Auto Spot Cleaning mode. It achieves multi-robot interaction via the Cloud Platform, providing effective unmanned cleaning for large office spaces.

Movus Autonomous Airport Vehicle by Ahmet Burak Veyisoglu
Movus is an electrical autonomous cargo vehicle carrying any cargo inside the airport apron area between the Baggage Handling System and the airplane with enhanced safety, hygiene and luggage protection measures which passengers may face after handling their luggages to the airport facilities. Utilizing smart sensoring systems and artificial intelligence features, Movus autonomously facilitates cargo loading / unloading, transfer and delivery functions without any human labour.

Liric Headphone by Antonio Meze
Combining a contemporary aesthetic with state-of-the-art engineering, LIRIC is the first closed-back headphone powered by the Isodynamic Hybrid Array driver. A blend of magnesium, leather, stainless steel and aluminum in an ergonomic, ovoid design, LIRIC is one of the very few high-end closed-back planar magnetic headphones available.

Moels and Co 528 Watch by Betina Greca Menescal – Moels and Co
Moels & Co 528 is a highly distinctive timepiece due to its unique rectangular case shape and the asymmetric dial which was sectioned according to the golden ratio. In addition, the see-through case back that shows the mechanical movement working, a 10 ATM water resistance rating much greater than standard 3ATM, a 3mm thick double domed sapphire crystal used mostly on dive watches and the dial painted with metallic shimmers that change colours depending on the light circumstances.

Minach Watch by Esmail Ghadrdani
This minimal clock uses the simple movement of the hands to indicate time. The most important feature of this watch is its simple and attractive form as well as how to adjust its hands. Normally on most watches, the hands are adjustable with a button on the side of the body. But in this design, the time adjustment button is located in the middle of the body and on the hands.

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