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A’ Design Awards & Competition – Winners

A ‘Design Awards and Competition is an international competition that creates a global audience for the winners. It’s a great place where companies, designers, audiences and the press meet in one place, where they can work together, creating great business networks for a better future. This design award covers all areas of design, from industrial design, product design, fashion, interior design, toys and games, machines, energy products, vehicles, social projects, architecture, futuristic advertising. A’ Design Award it’s a great platform to showoff your skills and talents to the world.

Here are the top 20 winning designs of 2022/2023 in random order:

Eureka Lounge Chair by Beijing Yeak Tech Co. Ltd.
The shape of this Eureka Chair, a living room lounge chair, is based on mathematic model of Enneper surface with a sense of order and flow into the leisure space. The elaborate supporting structure provides users with ergonomic comfort while keeping stable. Another unique design of the chair is the fabric, made of wools from Kvadrat Sprinkles series with excellent stretch and durability, making it ideal material for chairs.

Waterfall Leisure Chair by Wei Jingye and Sun Bin
The design of this lounge seat is based on the graceful flow of the famous German landscape – the Triberg Waterfall – and reflects the organic and flowing sense of the seat as a whole. At the same time, the hollow structure of the hollow trees has been integrated into the design, and the interlocking forms have a certain connection with the function. The form of the seat backrest and seat surface follows the curve of the human waist, with two symmetrical subtle undulations on the seat surface, in line with ergonomics.

Satuo F7 Intelligent Vacuum and Mop Cleaner by Jing Zhao, Pengwei Wang and Kaili Chen
Equipped with ultra-large smart touch screen and IMT 2.0 intelligent interactive system to innovate Internet plus mode and realize smart home life; innovative house formaldehyde removal and sterilization technology as well as wooden floor waxing and maintenance function create a safe and happy family experience; the machine body adopts gradient spraying process to inject more passion and vitality into life.

WSD Speciality Coffee Maker by Nicola Zanetti and Federico Bosque
Specialty coffee machine for drip coffee has an automated movement of the parts to collect grinded coffee from the upper container and move, with a rotation, to the water outlet position, in the front. One button and it’s done! The user can modify or pre-set with a knob the details of grinding, temperature, and volume of water. Our state-of-the-art machine is designed to brew your favorite blends to perfection, with precise temperature control and customizable settings.

W1 Robotic Window Cleaner for Vacuum by Xinyi Tan
W1 adopt intelligent path planning technology, which can automatically detect edges, avoid obstacles and suitable for all flat glass. The 80ml water tank is equipped with bilateral ultrasonic atomizing water spray nozzle ensures continuous and stable wet wiping, improving the cleaning power. The shape of the remote control handle conforms to ergonomics, and the user actively controls the machine’s start and stop, water spray, which comprehensively innovates the window cleaning experience.

Potpourri Natural Aromatherapy Humidifier by Yong Zhang
Potpourri is a natural aromatherapy humidifier combined with flowers. Water and humidify flowers through the humidifier. When the humidifier works, natural flowers will be accompanied by flowers, which can achieve the dual effect of humidification and aromatherapy. Potpourri uses transparent acrylic cover material to prevent the plants from being damaged while receiving natural light. It can also create a relatively closed space for flower plants, thus achieving partial water circulation.

Journey Mate Sound Explored Backpack by Yihui Liao and Chunmao Wu
Journal Mate is a smart modular backpack that enriches the travel experience. The innovation of the product are as follows. 1. The smart module offers travelers to collect sound samples of local languages via communicating with local individuals, triggering the pleasantness of multi-sensory interaction; 2. All sounds are visualized as waveform diagrams and collected into a personal Urban Sound Library, so as to achieve a sense of acquisition; 3. The modular structure provides users with a sense of control that is easy to store and carry all day long.

Ballerina Workstation by Sepehr Mehrdadfar
In office spaces, one of the most important used tools is working group desks, which have almost the largest amount of furniture in the space. Extensive use of this furniture can be seen in open offices and shared offices. The presence of a large number of these tables in any office space affects the form and function of this type of table on the atmosphere and quality of space, so the ballerina affects the group of users by increasing the quality of space.

Widgtech Ashman Photovoltaic Cleaning Car by Hao Huang and Xu Chen
Widgtech Ashman has pure electric drive and crawler chassis, with intelligent pathfinding function. The central water tank has 200 liters capacity, supporting cleaning of thousands of square meters of photovoltaic panels. The mechanical arm has six degrees of freedom and is equipped with image recognition module, atomizing water sprayer and cleaning tow head. The image recognition module analyzes the photovoltaic panel and controls the mechanical arm to do the cleaning work.

Solar Mars Bot Energy Storage Robot by Wei Bai, Tao Xu and Xiaowei Yin
Solar Mars Bot is intelligent and automatic. Its top photovoltaic panel has an automatic light tracking system, which can maximize power generation without manual intervention on sunny days, automatically detect its power at night, and plan its path to charge if necessary. The robot is equipped with 4G modules and various ports, which can move through the App’s tracking and location, realizing the concept of integration of pv, ess, and charging system.

Buzzy Bot Robotic Delivery Vehicle by Marko Lukovic
Buzzy Bot is medium size, autonomous delivery vehicle. Different types of goods are placed in a total of 34 separate automated storage compartments with Electronic Drawer system. It is able to service large number of clients in the shortest period of time with just one trip. There is adaptive ground distance – Clearance, to overcoming road obstacles. Solar panels on the roof are there for additional electric power supply. It has a Cargo Drone for transporting medium sized packages.

Jackery Explorer Charging System by Wei Bai, Jinghua Liu and Xiaowei Yin
Jackery Explorer is a PV,ESS and Charging integrated system with a PV charging integrated vehicle-mounted tent and Jackery outdoor power supply.After the vehicle-mounted tent converts electricity through a PV roof system,it stores the electricity in Jackery outdoor power supply to jointly complete the sustainable utilization of sunlight as a clean energy source and provide power for outdoor activities.A PV,ESS and Charging system for outdoor lovers.

KNX Waltz Touch Pad Smart Home Control Panel by Cen Jiayun, Liu Dan, Luo Yi and Peng Yongjian
KNX intelligent control with integrated screen and buttons, the first G-link configuration mode in KNX; users can DIY the functions and colors of buttons, and the button can be freely replaced to adapt to different architectural styles. The independent metal bar design at the bottom with built-in electronic components makes the panel thinner and also enhance the brand recognition.

TNK-50N Waste Concrete Reprocessing by Yong Zhang
TNK-50N is a large multi-functional waste concrete reprocessing engineering vehicle based on modular design. It is mainly used to process waste concrete into green permeable brick. The whole engineering vehicle adopts modular components and split design, and is equipped with crushing function module, collection function module and reprocessing module, to crush, collect, screen, remove impurities, hydraulic forming and other operations of the abandoned concrete.

Xiaosai Guard Robot by Ruichen Zeng
An intelligent robot that integrates translation,explanation,navigation, night patrol and other functions.It can replace people to complete some technical tasks that are not too repetitive,And he is very small, does not need a lot of space, can run in any small space, there is no small intelligent explanation robot in the current robot application, it is more friendly and more beautiful to people.

109 Pro Headphone by Meze Audio
The first dynamic open-back headphone from Meze Audio, 109 Pro goes beyond the faithful reproduction of sound to deliver pure emotion. An artistic take on functionality, the chassis combines premium materials in a comfortable, lightweight, yet highly durable design.

Advar Earphone by Meze Audio
With a silhouette inspired by organic shapes in nature, this earphone hides a powerful, detailed, lifelike sound behind a uniquely designed stainless steel chassis. A balance of form and function, Advar exudes an artisanal quality comparable to that of a jewelry piece. The main purpose of this earphone was to create a powerful, emotional impact for the end user through its jewel like design and its easy to enjoy sound.

Herringbone Dining Table by Alexandre Caldas
Table Herringbone designed by Alexandre Caldas is Inspired by the structure of leaves and by the desire to eliminate what is superfluous, the internal structure of the table and its simple and beautiful silhouette is all exposed to the lovers of this type of construction. Using certified solid wood, using the least amount of glue possible, using one of the world’s most recycled resources (glass), and all this with only the know-how of master craftsmen with traditional woodworking techniques, accomplish the mission perfectly. The simplicity is the is the truly sophistication

Resolution Lounge Chair by Shaobo Liu
Resolution is a lounge chair that I designed in my junior year in college. The unique part about the chair is the size in comparison to the weight, and the overall design. The chair was able to hold a person freely given that it’s made of cardboard mainly. More importantly, even if this was made of wood, not only it will hold heavier weight, but the chair itself won’t be heavy at all. The chair/design of the chair is something I haven’t seen before and there’re many ways you can use it.

Simple Freestyle Wireless Charger by Yong Zhang
Simple wireless charger is a kind of free wireless charging device which chooses flexible materials as the base. Its internal core is arranged in multi-coil matrix to increase charging efficiency. The whole system adopts reel structure and detachable charging module,which is easy to be stored and breaks the restrictions of the use scene. The flexible charging base module breaks through the traditional magnetic adsorption charging base structure.

Satuo Pi 0 Pro Smart Window Cleaner Robot with Storage by Xinyi Tan
SATUO π 0-Pro is an innovative AI smart window cleaner robot that integrates cleaning and storage in one. The first two-wheel rapid walking technology in the industry, the wiping efficiency is increased by 2~3 times; It equips bilateral ultrasonic atomization technology for water spraying, combined with the “fifth generation S-Air” constant humidity technology, the cleaning effect is better; Equipped with AI algorithm, it can plan 4 automatic walking paths according to different wiping environments.

Registrations to A’ Design Award are now open, enter your works for fame, prestige and international publicity

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