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Alegre Design – Architectural, a second skin of graphene

Architectural, a second skin of graphene for architecture

Organic and Wind, the first two products designed in the Architect range, the proposal by Alegre Design for Graphenglass, enable buildings to be dressed with a flexible made-to-measure suit based on a ventilated façade that is able to limit the impact of temperatures and reduce the sensation of heat or cold indoors, with a performance that does not alter over time, in pure black and with a completely innovative design, never seen before. 

Thanks to the compact graphene with which these pieces are developed, a material patented and marketed by Graphenglass, a Spanish company pioneer in the use of this material in the world of architecture, these pieces for ventilated façades provide properties of maximum resistance and great flexibility, something currently in great demand by architects. 

Alegre Design has designed two products to create outdoor structures by way of a second skin, in which designers, architects and professionals can express all their creative capacity. By means of two different modulations, one hexagonal and the other linear, Organic and Wind create outdoor compositions with great mechanical resistance, that require no maintenance, and which remain unchanged in extreme climatic conditions, thanks to the durability of graphene.

“Our challenge was to create a second skin for the building, a second skin that improves its indoor experience and efficiency and customises its style,” says designer Marcelo Alegre.

These graphene structures improve the energy performance of the building, protecting the inside from the effects of direct sunlight, and favouring ventilation thanks to the specific design of their undulations.

While Organic is inspired by nature, based on a continuous curve and playing in its design with the hexagon of graphene, Wind evokes the blades of a wind turbine to create a fluid piece that can be modulated in its inclination to provide solar protection both vertically and horizontally.

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