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Andrea Mangone – UPSIDEDOWN

The current market is saturated with hybrid convertible pc, the cool gadgets of the last year, able to transform from laptop to tablet and vice versa. The recent introduction of Windows 8 with its dual user interface has undoubtedly given an additional boost to their diffusion. But are the current products satisfying real needs? In which situations do we need a transformable pc? Upside down is my personal interpretation on this theme. It features elements ahead of its time such as a 360 degrees friction hinge that allows a one movement transformation from laptop to tablet, a Wacom pen digitizer with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, and a detachable wireless keyboard that introduces exciting scenarios in the transformable pc market. Upside down pc targets a multitude of users and its mutable form factor could satisfy ideally every laptop user. University students willing to take digital notes during classes; dynamic professionals looking for a multifunctional pc to make pen-assisted impactful presentations and keep track of meetings; creative users looking for the best ergonomic and usability in laptop, graphic tablet and desktop mode. The transformation into a desktop pc, in particular, could be of great interest for every laptop user. It satisfies the need of the growing number of consumers that use their laptop as first pc, allowing them to keep a healthier posture while working long hours on a desk.

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