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Andrey Dokuchaev – INFLECT Clock

The Desktop clock «INFLECT» was inspired by Anish Kapoor’s “Sky Mirror.”I was interested by the way the surrounding area refracts in this object, by the interaction of light and shadow in the concave and convex surfaces of the sculpture. Also I’m enthralled by ideas of a new craftsmanship and respect for material, which is why the «INFLECT» clock was made in ceramic, using an authentic potter’s wheel. Its body is an integral element with arrows at the top and mechanism at the bottom. The dial is a concave hemisphere with two lines crossing in the middle, arrows having the same convex silhouette. The body is covered with white enamel; color and texture were picked to emphasize the object’s shape. The only brightly coloured element designates the location of twelve hours and at the same time serves as a color accent. So in addition to its functional value as a clock, «INFLECT» also brings the thoughtful design not bound to any time period, based on the composition of its clean lines and clear geometric shapes.

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