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Anton Ruckman – Ergonomic Keyboard

Concept one looks at developing a mechanism and possible adjustment system that integrates into the standard qwerty style keyboard we all know and use. 

Using the standard keyboard style enables the design to be both familiar to the user and looking ahead, provides an opportunity to make use of existing keyboard manufacturing processes. 

One piece adjustable keyboard with connected trackball option.

Understanding how the concept interacts with the user is the key; the below demonstrates how it fits the body.

The keyboard, when hooked into the body flexes to fit the user. The keys lie close to the hands nominal resting position for improved ergonomics.

Smart hinge on the back hooks is providing rotation of the keyboard for 20 degree each side. Flexible “belt” to support any body shape and size.

Designed to be an effective mounting solution, the clip is adjustable in the two axis necessary for completed positional control. Simple height and rotation adjustment allows for a wide range of ergonomic profiles in order to allow the user total control over their size preferences. The clip is also designed to seamlessly retract into a stored position when out of use allowing the keyboard to cleanly sit on any workspace environment. 


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