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A Vision for Healthcare in the Age of AI

Technology has changed the way we work, shop, bank, meet others, and even order coffee. Personalized services and intelligent assistants help us navigate choices and make informed decisions in the office, in the car and at home. But despite how advancements like machine learning, big data, ubiquitous computing, and universal connectivity have forever changed these everyday interactions, our experiences with healthcare remains stuck in a disconnected, opaque and rigid past.

In healthcare today, patients are forced into the same service structures, whether they are managing a chronic condition or have encountered an undiagnosed issue. Clinicians often don’t have access to useful patient data, which remains siloed within disparate sources. And as a society, we allocate healthcare resources without being able to evaluate their impact because we don’t link actions to outcomes.

Aim is a concept of a service platform that sets the foundation for positive health outcomes by delivering better care experiences and new, flexible models of discovery, understanding, and intervention. We called the concept Aim as a play on artificial intelligence and medicine, augmented interactions and mobility, but it is also a goal we should aspire to as we imagine, design and build a more integrated, effective and efficient healthcare.

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