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bike for kids Brum Brum Bike

Brum Brum is very stylish and cool thing to have if you got kids around. The idea was to create the balance bike for kids that is kind of user friendly – weight. suspension, tubeless tires, fingersafe discs, high quality and lots of fun. The father of the idea is Krisjanis Jermaks who came up with the idea and gathered a group of friends to carry out this lovely piece of functional design. Brum Brum is clever mixture between wood and metal and every little part is made specially for Brum Brum. That gives us unique yet very simple toy for your kids. The bended plywood frame provides natural suspension that safeguards little riders spine from any potential shock if the kid decides to go offroad. We believe that this is the future of balance bikes because in such sensitive age kid has to develop in the most natural way and learning balance and develop kinetics is a great asset to a small kid.


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