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BIY 2 Bike Kit – Build any unique bike in 5 hours – Kickstarter

Instead of people having to get an impersonal, pre-
assembled bike from a store, BIY 2 wants to expand their horizons a little bit with its Builder
Jig, a modular jig and builder community app designed to streamline any bike’s specifications and
provide a significantly better builder – and subsequently rider – experience.

The BIY 2 Builder Jig is made of eco-friendly material. It is a modular bike jig that can be used
to measure bike frames you have and turn those measurements into an identical bike building
project, or it can be used as a jig for any custom bike building. The jig has been intelligent
designed to offer great accuracy so builders can adjust to their different specifications easily.

The Builder Jig is reusable and therefore builders can simply buy multiple Builder Frame Kits that
contains the prepared tubes for the selected bike model. Building bikes for your family will be
more fun and cheaper than buying them from a store. Builders simply assemble their frame on the
jig, wrap all the joints with the in- house fiber that comes standard part of the kit, and have the
bike frame readied in 5 hours.

The Builder Community app allows builders to browse different bike designs. It will be updated
regularly by both our in-house teams and experienced builders recognized by the community. This
means that the builder can access to kids, ladies, classic, mountain and many other bikes
specification all in one go. It would also help the user to decide what bike parts are suitable for
the selected bike design. Builders will use this app to create their own Personal Fitting Profile,
earn points for builds, obtain thorough bike specification information, personalize their user
page, and connect with other bike builders!

This will encourage more people to enjoy the building process, have a place to share the work and
connect with other bike builders!

The integration of both the Builder Jig and Community app will improve the user experience, reduce
the difficulties and allow free creativity of bike building.

Key Features of BIY 2

• Personal Fitting Profile

• Achieve Points for Build
• Detail Bike Specification Available

• Personalize Page

• Customize Bike Build

• Modular Builder Jig

• Accurate Builder Jig

• Fastest Joining Method

• iOS and Android App curated by bike designers and experienced builders

• Automated tracking of bike building

About BIY

Crafting and building your own things is always a joy for me. Back in April 2013, I started a
campaign to fund the launch of crafting bicycles with bamboo and it was a huge success. This
provided a group of craftsmen and myself the opportunity to work together to bring the joy of
building good design products to more people.
This has made me to keep thinking how to bring this joy of building closer to friends’ homes. Yes,
it has been impossible for anyone to build their own bicycle as it requires heavy machinery and
tools to make it happen.
I asked myself, with the knowledge and experience of working with the natural material, bamboo,
could I open up the possibility of helping the average biker build
a bicycle in their own home? The answer was a resounding “Yes!”

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