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CAMAL Studio, mattia fausti – Fabbian

Crono is a lamp able to adapt to a great variety of requirement without being invasive, yet it possess a character of its own. the lamp is composed of two main elements; The light source, a high power led is set in a bulb made of milled brushed aluminum that screw directly on the body of the lamp. The body of the lamp is made of crystal and its inner surface has been frosted to better diffuse the light coming from the bulb. In order to make the lamp extremely versatile we didn’t change its core body, instead we focused on design of a family of product to hold it. We designed a family of metal stands, simple yet elegant solutions that allows the costumer to use Crono either as desk,wall or ceiling lamp. We also tought of a modular system in witch the aluminium bulb plays the role of the main character. You can freely compose your lighting system combining as many lamp as you need. Simplicity and attention to details.

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