Catherine Wong – Fidelio Soundsphere DS6600/6800 | PHILIPS

Lead Design: Catherine Wong, Greg Foster
Status: Production
Unleashed for the ultimate freedom: A complete PC speaker solution with ultimate sound and compatible docking for your Iphone/Ipod.
The success of the Fidelio range attracts new business opportunity for PC Fidelio Sound System, with the best in-class sound (wide stereo stage with advance sound technology), best in-class design and finishing, and simplicity user-experience.
The bug-eyed design isn’t just to attract headlines: There is actually some science behind it. The iconic floating tweeter is designed to radiate sound in all direction and separate the high end from the bassy low end, giving you the ultimate sound.
The PC solution is to integrate a docking with the speaker so that user will be able to charge and play music from their Iphone/Ipod directly and not having too many cables on the workstation. The docking is simplified with a push push drawer.
The final design is an iconic statement, with an exposed 2.5 inch driver and a floating tweeter. The brush metal finishing is in perfect harmony with your beautiful MAC or Macbook, providing you the ultimate PC solution.