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Chanyeop Jeong – TWORAY

Wireless charger & Side table​​​​​​​

We usually use a smartphone until we open our eyes in the morning and close our eyes in the night. After we use our smartphone in my bed, we have to charge it without running out of battery. At this time we have to move, find the charging cable, and plug it in. Even, we usually wake up in bed to find the cable. And we have to turn on the lights to charge our smartphone.

Form sketch
In combination of wireless charging tray and the side table, It is made up of twig forms to deliver intuitive usability,
I divided the area of the wireless charging tray and the side table, made a design through various form sketches.

Technical study
After disassembling many wireless chargers sold on markets and understanding structure and principle,
I created a wireless charging board driven by collaboration with technical experts.

TWORAY – Wireless charger & Side table​​​​​​​
With wireless charging function, TWORAY makes it possible to charge your smartphone. And this allows you to charge your smartphone with ease before you go to sleep while using it. It also has the function of a side table. So it is possible to put books, glasses and other items on TWORAY.

Removable wireless charging tray
This wireless charging tray is removable. With built-in battery, it allows you to enjoy the benefit of wireless charging anywhere besides the bed.

Function of Wireless charging tray
The wireless charging tray with three coils can charge three products at the same time. And the linear volume which extends in different directions eliminates heat accidents. Also, the lighting located at each coil position allows the charging position to be recognized in the dark.

Melt in space
With its furniture elements, TWORAY will harmonize without discomfort in interior. And it makes space more elegant.

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