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Christopher Jenner – Rush Chair

The Rush chair is the third in a series of projects
exploring traditional English Craft techniques,
and their relationship with technology.

Casting the ancient craft of Rush weaving in a new light,
this Limited Edition chair was made over 12-months,
in collaboration with Felicity Irons,
one of the last remaining European Rush artisans.

The form of the Chair reflects the infinite looping
technique of weaving, captured in freehand drawing and
translated via solid modelling technology into 3d form.

The necessity of purpose dictated consistency and strength,
resulting in a composition of 28 sculptural components.
Milled from English Oak using 5 axis CNC,
the individual carved pieces are connected at off-set intervals,
aesthetically emphasised by the meeting of different wood grains.

A flexible marriage of materials is achieved through a series
of mechanical Oak dowels along a split section to the top of the frame.
The Rush is edged parallel to the fault line in a two core plait.

Limited Edition of 12 | 1 x A.P.

Available exclusively from :

Gallery FUMI


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