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Cobalt – Co50 Valkyrie

Cobalt is a premier manufacturer of design-focused, sleek, private planes for personal and business travel.
The company’s first, flagship plane, Co50 Valkyrie, is a high-end, private aircraft. Inspired by fighter jets, the Co50 Valkyrie is the fastest aircraft of its size and is available for pre-order on November 12, 2015. The top five features include…
1. Built for speed. The Valkyrie is the fastest private aircraft in its class with the
ability to travel up to 260 knots. In contrast, other single engine piston aircraft usually tap out
at 242 knots. Cobalt’s Valkyrie is the fastest single engine piston plane in its category.
2. Super safe. The Co50 Valkyrie is a canard aircraft, equipped with a forewing to prevent the
plane from stalling in the air. This provides a tremendous peace of mind to pilots and ensures the
industry’s safest landings and takeoffs. Cobalt promotes the highest standards of safety in the
industry. An onboard parachute is also provided for an additional sense of security.
3. Modern, elegant design and craftsmanship. Inspired by classic fighter jets with clean lines
and premium finishes, the Co50 Valkyrie impresses with understated elegance. The exterior comes in
a range of custom finishes including dark colors, typically harder on composites. The interior
features premium leather seats, hand stitched by former Hermès craftsmen. The dashboard design is
equally impressive with only one on/off switch and a tasteful place for your iPad. Cobalt will
exclusively manufacture the Co50 Valkyrie in California to ensure quality standards and fast
delivery to early buyers.
4. Amazing visibility. Pilots flying Cobalt’s Valkyrie will appreciate the beautiful, expansive
visibility above and below. Co50 Valkyrie has the largest one-­‐piece canopy in the world and
unrivaled visibility with a 320-­‐degree view.
5. Luxurious comfort. The Valkyrie comfortably seats five people, including the pilot, with ample
storage for golf clubs, skis and suitcases. The Valkyrie’s propulsion engine is located in the rear
of the plane, allowing for a quiet,
comfortable cabin.
Additional Specifications:
• Category: 5-­‐seat Single Engine Piston
• Turbocharged 350HP, retractable, IFR-­‐capable
• Oxygenized non-­‐pressurized
• Cruise range: 1050 nautical miles (nmi) with NBAA IFR reserves
• Customization: Interior and exterior are fully customizable upon request
• Exact dimensions: 30 feet long x 30 feet wide x 10 feet high

Founded by: David Loury in 2005
Launch Date: November 12, 2015 in San Francisco Company Location: Based in San Francisco,
Manufacturing: Cobalt’s Valkyrie personal aircraft are made exclusively in California.

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