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Colin Jackson – Greenskeeper


Smart storage is critical for preserving cannabis. Yet as medical and recreational use grows, options for home storage remain outdated and mostly ineffective at preserving the quality of cannabis.


Greenskeeper combines air tight, humidity control, UV protection, multiple strain storage, and dishwasher safe BPA free materials into an intuitive container system.


Simply slide the cover over the outer container and twist to lock. A one-way valve allows air to escape and then seals the system to suppress odor and to manage moisture. A removable base stores humidity packs or bead systems. Controlled moisture flows within the entire system, keeping cannabis fresh.


While focusing on solving intuitive ways to store and organize cannabis, it was also important that Greenskeeper look good in any environment. In a market that’s filled with poorly designed, tasteless products we wanted Greenskeeper to be understated and refined.

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