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Demo of HoloLens-Aided Neurosurgery

Emergency neurosurgery might soon be a lot safer, with the help of augmented reality. Duke surgeons and engineers are experimenting with using the HoloLens goggles to project virtual, 3D images of patient’s brains onto their heads, with the goal of guiding neurosurgeons during operations. Here, master’s student Yameng Liu demos a HoloLens simulation that could help doctors perform a procedure called extraventricular drain (EVD) placement.Project Contributors:Yameng Liu, Master’s Student, DukeRegis Kopper, Director, Duke immersive Virtual Environment (DiVE) and Assistant Research Professor, Duke Mechanical Engineering and Materials ScienceAndrew Cutler, Resident, Duke NeurosurgeryShervin Rahimpour, Resident, Duke NeurosurgeryPatrick J. Codd, MD, Assistant Professor, Duke Neurosurgery

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