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denis vilenica – BFA – THESIS – PICKAN

BFA THESIS UID 2018 – DENIS VILENICA  When the automotive industry grows so does the wrap industry. I have been working on and off with Wrapping for about 8 years now. As a wrapper, you handle both vehicles and plastic foil with extreme precision and tenderness. Slightest distraction may jeopardize an installation or get you injured. A heat gun is primarily the center of tools that the wrappers consume and rely heavily on upon. It is also the tool that is outdated and stuck in its development. My inspiration and goal for this project were to leave my old profession with a rejuvenated product that would make an impact on the future generations of wrappers.  The final result is PICKAN. A new improved type of heat gun specially designed for the wrappers of today and tomorrow.  PICKAN has a heat-insulated rotatable nostril that protects the wrappers from burning themselves and their surrounding environment. In order to provide the wrappers with extreme mobility and flexibility, a rechargeable battery in a combination with a belt hook is offered. The raised vertical power grip is more accessible from all its angles and the vertical shape keeps the heat gun snug and close to the body. To increase the ergonomic conditions of today’s wrappers the backside of PICKAN has a built-in rubber encapsulated magnet feature that creates an additional dimension of support. The name of the project and the product PICKAN is not only the slang expression for a heat gun or pistol but also a tribute to all pragmatic craftsmen.

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