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Designer dot, hyeona cho – COMODO

Modern people spend most of their time wearing shoes, during which they become dirty due to sweat and dust. COMODO is a shoe management device to take care of this, and it makes smelly and wet shoes as pleasant as new. It is also a minimal size and can be used in small places, and can be used more comfortably without the inconvenience of sitting on the floor when wearing shoes in the shoe closet.
Many people wear their shoes on the floor. However, sitting on the floor and getting up feels uncomfortable as well as burdensome to the body. Small stools are often used as an alternative, and they don’t take up a lot of area and change it comfortably. COMODO will combine stools and shoe management device to create a new routine to make it more comfortable in the shoe closet.
If you put your shoes in or put them on the air shoetree, you can quickly dry them with warm air from the inside. It also removes the damp smell with a HEPA filter and a scent filter and changes it to a fragrant one. The UV lamp at the top removes germs from the shoes and makes them pleasant. ​​​​​​​You can put your shoes in or put them on the air shoetree. It has an advantage that you can use regardless of the shape of the shoes. ​​​​​​​You can use the air shoetree at any angle. You can also slide the bottom and pull it forward to make the shoes easier to put on.

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