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Designer dot, sangkun Park – FOLD – electric mosquito net

FOLD is a ‘foldable electric mosquito net’ that can protect your body from pests.
FOLD enables simple storage and carry-on, and offers differentiation.
In the hot summer, wherever you stay, you can end your fear of bugs.


In the hot summer months, we struggle with pests. The common mosquito repellent is restricted to use due to strong scents and harmful powders to the human body. The ready-made electric mosquito net has no concerns about chemicals, but its wide and long form makes it somewhat uncomfortable to carry and store. “Fold” was designed with the hope that it would be easier to protect itself from pests without restrictions, with an increasing number of people enjoying camping alone, such as “Solo camp” and “Solo hiking”


This product is twice the size of a smartphone when it is inactive (folded) and is compact compared to ready-made products. Therefore, it can be easily stored in small bags and provides a lighter sense of use in any situation.

The size of the product was reduced as much as possible for most single-person households with narrow residential spaces. It can be stored efficiently in a small space such as a drawer, and can be stored more neatly with the case provided.

Shape & Material

Inspired by traditional Korean fans, the form of FOLD was designed to effectively reduce the area to facilitate carrying and storage. The material was designed with the idea of an iPad leather case and provides a suitable usability for folding design.


When using a product, unfolding both handles and securing them with magnets will expose current and power buttons. It is only available through electricity when the current button is pressed, and for safety purposes, when something touches the current network and sparks, the current flows again with a 0.5 second gap.


When inactive, the wire mesh with the current is not exposed to outside, The safety of family members (pre-schooled children, senior citizens, etc.) who need protection is guaranteed.

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