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Désormeaux/Carrette studio – LA GALOCHE

Improving the user experience is the breadcrumb of this non-consensual approach. Its structure, made of aeronautical aluminum, reduces congestion on public transport by 35%. The shape of the handlebar makes it possible to attach the scooter to any street furniture, thus considerably reducing the clutter during the day. A perfectly integrated and patented quick folding system has also been developed for the occasion. Inspired by the aesthetics of racing bikes from the 60s to 70s, La Galoche is fully customizable and offers great accessoirisassions.  The project was accompanied by the studio from the design phase with a design office until its industrialization.  The scooter gives rise to smiles because it echoes the childhood of everyone. The choice of this product is deliberately provocative. The challenge of La Galoche is to make users understand that frivolity can meet the most serious issues facing our cities.

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