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Dongje Park – HEATTLE

The use of heating devices can dry indoor air while also creating gaps in indoor and outdoor temperatures, causing eye dryness, sore throat, tonsillitis and colds. Maintaining proper humidity (40-60%) is good for creating a pleasant and clean indoor environment, and humidity keeps heat for a long time to help save energy by increasing heating effect. It is a combination of heater and humidifier to provide a pleasant and healthy experience of indoor air and to create energy-saving effects.
A cozy comfort made up of three delicate functions.
“WARMING” function to keep space warm without feeling hot wind.
“HEATING” function adopts a high-efficiency PTC ceramic heating wire, which enables rapid heating without preheating time and less dryness even when used for a long time by heating cold air without burning oxygen.
“HUMIDIFY” function with heated humidification without bacterial concern.
Convector heating, which heats up the air on the floor, is a result of reflecting consumers’ desire to keep the hot wind out of direct contact with people.


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