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Engin Hassamanci – Curio

Kid-friendly, cloud-enabled lung health tracker


Curio is a connected lung-health tracking device that enhances the daily testing experience for children’s asthma tracking.

Childhood asthma affects 6.8 million children in the US. Regular testing and tracking of lung function can be a critical tool in the treatment and management of childhood asthma, making attacks easier to prevent. Curio’s primary goal is to help families track a child’s lung function more easily and accurately. It consists of a friendly spirometer design with a companion mobile app that provides better usability, customization, and data management.

The device’s design hints a two-handed grip with a better posture, which provides better test results. Customizable animated modules display test progress while entertaining the user. 

The device and the app were designed in conjunction with each other to create and guide the users through the daily tests. Gamifying the testing experience helped get children more engaged, especially the younger ones.

Multiple prototypes were created as we reached the final functional prototype for potential production. If you would like to see more about the strategy and process of the design and the prototyping, check out the Medium articles.


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