Gabriel Puerto, Robert Fackelman – Playaway LIGHT

More Than A Redesign, A Redefine: The original Playaway audiobook was a success, and served its function well for a first generation product. Findaway partnered with Balance to develop the next generation of its flagship product, dubbed the Playaway LIGHT. The Playaway user base spans from the very young to the very old, and we created multiple personas to represent this very large cross-section. The Playaway LIGHT was designed to be accessible for everyone with an uncluttered/intuitive digital interface. The light weight design allows for the maximum portability of a digital audiobook with the grab-and-go convenience of a physical format. Since the unit is most commonly used in classrooms, libraries, and the military, it had to connect with its end-user the first time, everytime. The Playaway LIGHT redefines the audiobook experience with a much friendlier, intuitive design.