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Geemay Chia – Impression Furniture


Impression Furniture


Inspired by the act of composing art. Impression is a furniture piece designed for and aesthetically inspired by the Museum of Modern Art in Cleveland, Ohio. Taking cues from the multi-facted exterior, Impression cushions and conforms to the body when sat upon and brings a multi-dimensional sensory experience to seating.




Designed for the MOCA Museum 


Cushion angles and the seating’s overall dimensions are aesthetically inspired by the MOCA museum in Cleveland, Ohio. The building’s unique faceted design is distinctly highlighted in the angled cushions which provide not only aesthetic interest but also a uniquely pleasant  seating experience when sat upon. 


Compositional Furniture Inspired by The Act of Making Art.


The furniture’s modular design enables it to be composed with multiples into changing compositions, similar to how an artist composes a painting or a curator composes a gallery piece. The changing compositions keeps the interior of the lobby flexible and interesting. There are endless compositions. 


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