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GT2P Studio – Marble vs Bronze Table

“Marble vs. Bronze” is created from two disparate materials that collaborate to form the structure of the furniture, resulting in a work that embodies both transcendence and tradition.

The production process begins with the surface of each marble top. We start by obtaining a gradient map of its veins through digitization. This information is used to determine the relevant paths to cut in the marble to then fill with bronze, a process that gradually transforms into the structure of these works.

Marble is historically associated with transcendence in time through sculpture and architecture. Witness the monumental Taj Mahal, born of a love story, now immortalized and eternal. On the other hand, bronze often symbolizes tradition. The production and sourcing of bronze has been crucial in connecting the Mediterranean and Asian cultures of Antiquity. Its significance heralded a flourishing of trade, fostering an accumulation of wealth and learning in the process.

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