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Halfbike 2.1

A year ago Halfbike became the most funded vehicle on Kickstarer to date. Supported by over 2400 backers it raised almost one million dollars ­ close to twenty times its original goal. The challenges that followed were at times overwhelming yet it was a truly exciting journey! A year later and with thousands of Halfbikes shipped to every corner of the world, we have the pleasure to announce that the long wait is over. As of today we start taking regular orders that ship from stock right away. In addition three more color combinations are available to make for a more colorful ride. As of today Pink, Mint and Lime Halfbikes can also be ordered as well as the classic Black and White one. During the months following the campaign the Halfbike continued its evolution before reaching the final product. We had to make sure that each component functions perfectly and we’re proud to present Halfbike 2.1 The feeling of riding a Halfbike is really nothing like riding a bicycle. We have received a great feedback from our backers on Kickstarter and to most of them it’s the Halfbike experience what keeps them riding. Halfbike is a new type of vehicle to awaken your natural instinct to move and combines biking and running. We took the core driving mechanism of a classical bicycle (a wheel connected to a crankset) but redesigned pretty much everything else. The result is a completely new experience! The standing rider position brings you closer to natural walking and you control the vehicle with your whole body, not just your hands. A vehicle that trains your balance and reflexes in a new way. Not only on a physical level but it also affects the way you perceive movement and enhances your senses. We want to enable people to explore new horizons and have fun, and we truly believe that a Halfbike can get you there! Halfbike is both compact and light, so you can take it practically everywhere with you. Since it’s foldable, it’s allowed onboard in most public transit systems. When folded, a Halfbike fits easily in the trunk of even a small car, under a desk at work or in an overcrowded closet. You can put it inside a lift and even easily carry it when you need to take the stairs, for it is under 9 kg / 20 pounds and quite small. Basically a Halfbike would fit into most spaces too small for a regular bike.


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