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Halos was born to solve illumination issues we face every day in our apartments with only

one lamp. Forget the plug, light as many spaces as you need, control the brightness from your smartphone are some of the commitment of this innovative project!


“Our goal? Make our life easier resolving annoying circumstances we face in our daily life. We have worked hard in the past year to create an innovative multi­functional lamp with a fresh design” answers Stefano, project manager and founder of Halos.


“Halos is composed of 2 main parts, the first one is the aluminium ring­shaped lamp. We have applied a special resin that reproduces the effect of thousands mini­suction cups that grip on tight to non­porous surfaces, such as windows and mirrors“ explains Axel Delbrayère, Halos designer. The second piece, the wooden dock has 2 main purposes:

  • Charging the lamp
  • Steer the light to create the right ambience or a powerful direct illumination


“We used last generation Led to give the user the possibility to light easily an entire room or create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner” illustrate Giulio, Halos engineer. Halos can light up to 500 lumens, with a battery life between 2 and 4 hours.


We loved this lamp because it has unlimited applications, for example:

  • Reading on the sofa, far away from the plug
  • Crete the right ambience for a romantic dinner or an aperitif on your terrace
  • Light your path in the night without waking up your partner
  • Simply light an entire room
  • Use it as emergency light and many others


“I recently left my work as marketing project manager at Google to put all my efforts to bring this project to reality, now we are ready to manufacture Halos, but in order to do it we’ll need your help” announce Stefano with enthusiasm!

Halos will be soon available on kickstarter, like the Facebook page to get all the latest news!


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