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helloplant – keep your plants alive

Give your plants a voice through our smart plant sensor!

An ocean of dry leaves, a bare stem, yet another dead

plant. To all people without a green thumb, “serial plant killers” or the play-it- safe cacti

owners, rescue is coming. Helloplant, the smart plant sensor is now for only €19 available on


Watering or no watering? More or less sun? What is the right temperature? Is it time to

fertilize? Plants are sensible and demanding. helloplant takes optimal care of your plant. The

precise plant sensor measures soil moisture, light intensity, ambient and soil temperature.

The smart gadget keeps an eye on these parameters and sends you notifications when to

get active.

“I love all of my plants, but I simply had no overview when to water them.” says founder

Peter Honeder. “Now this information is available on my smartphone.” The sensor knows

when your plant needs something and sends you notifications to your smartphone. You don’t

even need to open the app. This is possible through the Beacon Technology used. helloplant

is for everyone without a green thumb, but also for plant lovers, who would like to know more

about their loved ones.


Due to the water resistant and robust design, helloplant can be used indoors and outdoors.

The setup process is super easy. Place your helloplant sensor in your planter, take a picture

of your plant and name it in the app. Add some basic information from the plant's tag, and

you are good to go. The battery lasts for minimum a year and can be easily replaced.

Helloplant uses Bluetooth low-energy and doesn’t need Internet. An additional WiFi hub is

available, if you want to check your plant’s condition from the distance or integrate it to a

smart home solution. This way, you could send your neighbors, family or friends watering

only if it is really necessary.


Can’t wait to save your plants life? helloplant is now available on Kickstarter with a limited

starting price of 19 EUR/ 22 USD.

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