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Ho-Hsiang Chang – Golf Pro Concept

Golf Pro Golf is a fascinating sport. One of the locations golfers go to is the driving range. To practice their skills, golfers have to prepare enough golf balls for themselves. In this project, I will focus on the problem that occurs when golfers run out of balls. I will make it more easy and convenient for them to collect the golf balls from the field, while also providing a great environment for them. Rapidly detect golf balls and pick up  The golf balls are detected in the field and collected until the two baskets are filled.Golf Pro can Conquer of any Rugged  The large wheels maintain power and speed across any of rugged terrain.Detects A Wide Range of Terrains The device can calculate the distance between obstacles and adjust to dangerous terrains by discovering another way out to safety.Conventional Navigation An organized system follows a specific pattern and calculates where the device has already been and where it ends, so that it won’t miss any areas. Intelligent Navigation The camera detects and direct the high density of golf balls and decides where it has to go.Navigates in the Dark  Regardless of the time (night or day),  Golf Pro is still devoted and will diligently pick up the rest of the golf balls in the field.


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