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HURLU D – BEC la murale – BEC lamp

BEC lamp is made from a recurrent one in crates Aquitaine waste. Share their impressions defects or assemblies wooden boards are intended to be discarded and incinerated them a second life here. Noting the amount of wood discarded by a box factory, we decided to use waste material for the production of the BEC family. In an industrialized world where daily tons of waste is produced, giving a second life to these in principle unusable materials, can be a great way to reduce the ecological footprint that means mass production. We produce this collection with a French carpenter, and the association eco Workshop integral of Bordeaux, promoting and strengthening the economy and local industry. The BEC collection features tree types of lamp, all use wood as a material to create a cube that contains the light source. The laminated faces with openings allows light projecting an energetic game of shadows. A benefit design 100% French as part of an eco-design logic.

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