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Hushamok Okoa Stand and Organic Hammock


The Okoa Stand is made from European Beechwood, known for its excellent physical properties is designed for beauty and function. Our Hammock fits perfectly within the moon-like crescent shape of the stand. The solid aluminum die castings hold it all in place and provide a perfect finished detail.

Includes Organic baby hammock and Okoa stand We understand how important sleep is for you and your newborn baby. The Perfect Sleep Transitioning from the womb to the real world can be hard for babies so why not make it a whole lot easier with Hushamok. Our hammocks are a natural alternative to a baby bassinet or crib. With it’s natural swinging and rocking motion Hushamok hammocks induce sleep in babies and keep them asleep longer. They are also ideal for those babies that suffer from infant colic and reflux. Our Okoa stand was designed to compliment your perfectly gorgeous bundle of joy but in an understated way because we wouldn’t want to take any attention away from the main attraction. With its crescent shape how can you not dream of sleep? The solid aluminum castings hold it all together. Let’s Talk Safety JPMA Certified EU Certified The Okoa stand has been tested to withstand some serious weight but be sensible and follow the weight guidelines for those hammocks and seats that hang from this beauty. Timing Designed for newborn sleep Discontinue use when baby begins to roll over or has reached maximum weight of 22 pounds. Did We Mention It’s Organic? Two Matching organic sheets, mattress & NO flame retardants, ever. Innovative Leafspring unique to our hammock (it’s the bounce in Hushamok) Just say no to particleboard! All natural sustainable harvested European Beechwood is described as “the most sustainable forests on the planet”. The aluminum castings get top marks for durability, recyclability and sustainability. Care Instructions Hammock is machine washable The beechwood is naked which means no stains or polyurethane finish has been applied to the wood stand. It you want to enhance the natural beauty simply use a damp cloth and wipe down with linseed or olive oil. Delivery & Dimensions Delivered lickety split in 5-7 days Hammock Box Dimensions: 33″ x 14″ x 3.5″ Okoa Boxed 33″ x

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