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Hyeongkwon Lee – CLOCK – table clock concept air dehumidifier

Table clock concept remote-control Air Dehumidifier

Recently, the demand for Air dehumidifier has greatly increased as the climate of Korea has become increasingly hot and humid. In fact, in 2014, dehumidifier sales exceeded air conditioner sales for the first time.
Therefore, the dehumidifier market will be bigger in the future and various products will be released in the future.
As clock hands always return to their original position, the humid air returns to its original state. Based on this,
I could find the common point of  “reversion” between the dehumidifier and the clock.
As a result, by reflecting the shape of the clock in the product, it is possible to grasp simple information even if user is away from the dehumidifier, As people can see the current time when they see the clock from a distance.
” Can not dehumidifiers be part of interior decorations? “
Clock is designed to be as simple as possible to suit any home environment. In addition, catching up with current trends, it is controlled through only smart devices, not by pressing buttons.
Like a clock, a user can grasp simple current information from a distance.
HOUR HAND – It shows progress information from the current humidity to the humidity set by the user. When the hour-hand returns to its original position after rotation, the dehumidification is completed.
MINUTE HAND – Through the led lighting, it shows how much water from the dehumidification process is in the water bottle.
Clock dehumidifier uses a compressor-dehumidification system. Compressor-dehumidification system is characterized by good efficiency, low price of product, and low consumption of electrical power.
Since clock minimizes the buttons, it provides a application. Users can check the current humidity of the house and operate the product anytime and anywhere through the wireless network. Therefore, it is possible to feel fresh air easily and conveniently without unnecessary movement.

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