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Hyungsun Ham, Hyunmyung Lee – UV bar

 Although bacteria can’t be seen with the naked eye, they are everywhere in the bathroom. This product is UV Bar that can kill all the bacteria conveniently.  Bacteria tend to proliferate in humid conditions, and the bathroom is usually the most humid space in the house. What then, are some of ways to keep the bathroom hygienic? The UV Bar enters as a solution to kill all the bacteria in the bathroom conveniently. There is no need for additional space or maintenance because the UV Bar can be kept on a towel rack. When resting on the towel rack, UV Bar sterilises wet towels for reuse. The UV Bar can be easily pulled out by holding the handle, and sliding the bar to the side of the towel rack. It can also be used to sterilise other bathroom objects such as bathtub, basin, etc. When UV Bar is kept on the towel rack, it is charged by the charging terminals that are built into the end of the handle.


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