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IGUANEYE Teaser from IGUANEYE on Vimeo.

“Amazon Indians dipped their feet in the latex from hevea tree and smoked them in a fire to coagulate the rubber first tennis shoes…”

This quote is picked from the book “The Romance of Rubber” published by the United States Rubber Company. Long before the discovery of America by the Europeans, rubber was already used by Indians to waterproof clothes or to coat unbreakable gummy bottles and, of course, to make shoes. The first explorers were amazed by this new substance and its infinite applications… In 1745 the French scientist LaCondamine is the first to refer to the “cahuchu”.


Can you run when you wear flip-flops?

Because they are not ergonomic, they hamper your movements instead of giving you the freedom you would expect.

The shape of the Iguaneye has been created to perfectly conform to the contours of your feet. The anatomic form has been custom-made and provides a supportive, secure and extremely comfortable fit. Unlike flip-flops, the piece that parts the toes is placed 1 cm ahead. Just like a second-skin, Iguaneyes perfectly fit all your movements and do not cause irritation.

The advanced elastomer used for the main part is neutral, hypoallergenic, soft and very flexible. It is also 100% recyclable.

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