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il kim – one rice cooker

As humans live, clothes, food, and life do not change. Among them, food plays the most important role in human beings. Rice cooker is the most basic product that makes the culture to eat. in the past, It was used for cooking rice. Now, it has been developed to facilitate many dishes. However, now with an increase in single-person households, the market for rice cookers has dramatically decreased. Because traditional rice cooker has only 4 or 5 persons. So, a single-person household does not use rice cookers because it has more food to throw away than food to eat. And they are responding to eating habits with unhealthy frozen foods rather than rice. So at a time the number of single-person households is growing rapidly around the world, a One meal cooker is proposed to provide the health of one-person households rather than frozen foods. The design reinterpreted the traditional food culture into a rice cooker for single-person households. One meal cooker is designed to help people who live alone experience healthy eating.


Currently, the number of single households is increasing worldwide. As a result, culture, food, and life are changing. Among them, eating food is the most primitive area in humans. It also gives us psychological and physical pleasure. However, the number of single households who has been busy every day usually eats faster and more instant food than a healthy rice. I thought about how to give them a healthy meal as much as a meal.


A single person has a desire for a healthy meal. However, in reality, their desire to live a busy routine is only remain to desire. The issue of a single person who usually eats fast and instant food is that I want to eat healthy meals, but it took too long to prepare. In other words, the size of the existing rice cooker was too big and the cooking time was too long. And it was a problem to deal with the remaining rice. They wanted a healthy, efficient rice. But there was no portable rice cooker for a single person.


We want to offer them a delicious, healthy meal.


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