Inyong Bang – ONDOL SAMSUNG Bixby – light wave gas stove


The project began with questions about how Korea’s unique culture can interest people around the world by product design. Inspired by the Korean traditional heating system. I app. the principle of thermal conduction, radiation. and convection to the light wave gas range. This was focused on using the heat once more by heating the intermediate point prior in release heat. 


With the rise of one-person household. the number of small household appliances is increasing Accordingly. the number of users who cook alone at .me has increased, but it is difficult to cook recipes with smart phones. Also, a ‘singje hole’ light wave gas stove is far too small to cook a variety of dishes. 



I adapted Samsung’s artificial intelligence technology ‘BIXBY’ to the light wave gas range and designed it to be easy and convenient for anyone to cook. In addition, the principle of Ondol was applied to the microwave oven gas stove so that the finish. faad was not coo. down during the cooking process.