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jaehong park – REMEDY

For PTSD patients who are reluctant to go to the hospital due to psychological or external factors. It is a VR device for self-treatment. Most people with mental illness are reluctant to go to the hospital.
VR and devices act as psychological counselors and are known to the public. REMEDY is equipped with EEG sensors in the temporal and frontal lobes. It measures the stress index that occurs when a patient is exposed to fear and tension while using VR content. It automatically executes stabilization technique content to alleviate the patient’s anxiety. The user’s stress index is high, so if you move on to stabilization technology content, you can breathe deeply and relax your muscles. The induction program is played through the VR headset.
It is designed to cover the head so that it can be used more stably. You can adjust it to the circumference of your head with a dial mounted behind the band. Due to the nature of the device used for therapeutic purposes, there are not many dials to use than existing game controllers. It is equipped with only one touchpad so that it can be used simply and intuitively. Since it is a product that needs to be able to be held and unfolded, I used a cushion material for holding with my hands.


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