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Jaehoon Ahn – neWWave

For a long time, Super yacht is the symbol of wealth and industry has been growing even if economical crisis hit the world. it called sometimes, most luxuries transportation in the world or 5 star hotel of the sea. Also industries have been forever growing, So there must be no boundaries and limits though, it still has some limits themselves_ wedding cake look, limited ceiling height and etc. This project was started from the question ; “Why super yacht design normally aims to be sleek as much as possible with lower profile?””Why 8 to 9 feet ceiling height is standard?””Higher ceiling height, higher profile super yacht perhaps ugly? really?” Therefore I had challenged to accomplish higher ceiling height with higher profile and new possible beauty of super yacht which we’ve never seen. Also it will be discussed what advantages and possibilities from higher ceiling height. Whatever this looks good for you or not, it might be good example about where luxury have to go.

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