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jaeyeon choi – Senior Chat

Due to the nuclear family, industrialization and population concentration in large cities, a number of single-person household is rapidly increasing. At the same time, a number of dying alone is also increasing. This is because a lot of senior citizens tends not to depend on their children or share their thoughts with them, ending up dying alone. In order to prevent them from dying alone, I designed a product to comfort each other’s loneliness by giving or taking an anonymous letter to arouse sociality



A product that can comfort each other’s loneliness giving or takeing an anonymous letter.
A product that prevents the elders from unexpectedly dying alone through H-Network service.



The elders comfort loneliness by communicating with letters.



This device can save all data from documents and letter the elders wrote. All of data will directly deliver to the hospital and prevent the elders from dying alone by analyzing their physical and psychological conditon.


Living in a rapidly changing digital age, we must accept new information, knowledge, change and demands that are immeasurable throughout the day.

However, the gap with the digital underprivileged is growing as much as the change. For the elderly who lived in the analog era, our society has a systematic limit to the system for them.


Modern devices, for example, have a lot of buttons, excessive skills and features that are already prone to aversion to the elderly. Intuitive and realistic commercial operation is required with the necessary control panels.


As a result, As if you pull the line attached to the school bell and get some information, you can pull out the line and let the letter appear. It is designed to be easy to use by the people of old times with motif of school bell.


Send a letter

When sending a letter, all user has to do is adjusting it to light of guideline from the projector. After scanning is over, a letter will be sent to other elders.


1.Guideline will be appeared when sending a letter.

2.Adjust a letter to the guideline.

3.A letter will be sent after scanning is done.


Receive a letter

If the colors of light is changed, it means that a letter has come. It will be printed by pulling hand.


1.The color of light turns into green when a letter comes.

2.Printing will be started by pulling the switch.

3.A letter will be printed turning back into previous colors.


H-Network System

H-Network system delivers all saved data from documents and letter the elders wrote to hospital in a real time. It helps to analyze the elder’s physical and psycological condition.​​​​​​​

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