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Jason Cooper, Jessica Birchfield – Panasonic | Kitchen Countertop Electrics

Since 1918, Panasonic has been one of the world’s most prolific electronics manufacturers. The company spans multiple fields: Its consumer business consists of AVC (audio, video, and communications) equipment, along with hardware and software for linking it together as well as home appliances. Panasonic desired to enter the highly-competitive North American kitchen appliance market, and needed an expert development partner to lead the way. Balance leveraged years of experience in creating products for the US consumer to identify the pain-points that defined product features. We called upon our vast knowledge of retail to create pricing and feature strategies that put Panasonic in a winning position. We led and managed multiple OEM manufacturers who were able to deliver high-quality products that hit budgets and redefined speed-to-market. The result was the introduction of innovative products that have transformed the paradigm of kitchen appliances – while ultimately delivering on Panasonic’s promise of A Better Life, A Better World. Multifunction Mini Processor Innovation. With high-quality touch points, aluminum housing, glass carafe, storage lid, spatula, and juicing capability, this processor is best-in-class. Balance has just created the next conversation piece in kitchen electrics. Countertop Oven Innovation. Unprecedented user experience greatly improves the process- transforming the task of cooking from a chore to an aspiration. Every design decision revolved around the end-user- from proprietary Insta-Heat technology, to smart temperature sensing, to easy clean accessories. Balance incorporated a high level of technology worthy of the Panasonic brand while keeping the interaction intuitive- and that is no small feat.

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