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Jeongdae Kim – PLUS : 3D action cam + lighting

Spreading of exciting 3D Life
Nowadays there are several opportunities to hear about 3D Contents like 3D movies, VR games or 3D printer for home, but these are not easy to access for everybody yet like 2D digital photos or videos. A new concept how the 3D camera could be integrated in a existing product and expands their reach in the field of consumer electronics is proposed.

Plus is designed to be as restrained as possible allowing it to blend in the wide variety of leisure activities and also to withstand the trends changing rapidly. Because the Plus project focuses on fusing the 3D camera and the Lighting, it was important to make users recognize instantly how to combine two modules like the interlocking of the blocks from the memories of childhood.

Plus brings a new strategy to portable devices, inspired by everyday user experiences. By merging the functions of a bicycle lighting and a 3D camera, along with the diverse mount systems of PLUS, it provides an all-in-one solution to the exciting 3D life.

2 Features : 3D action camera and Lighting
Thanks to the small size users can easily carry Plus in their bag or pockets. There is no more need to take out a 3D action camera separately, if the users carry Plus as a lighting for a bicycle. So users can simply produce 3D contents by themselves from different activities and share it with their family and friends. With the various mount systems of PLUS users can fix Plus on various things like a helmet, a drone or a snowboard as well as other moving vehicles.

Structure and size

One is a front lighting and the other is a 3D camera, the opposite of the 3D camera can be also used as a rear lighting.
Joining together in the form of Plus (+)
By using magnetic force and geometric shape

By using 4 neodymium magnets, two modules of Plus sit securely onto each other. Charging can be done through the micro USB port beneath the silicon cap inside of the body of Plus. In the body of the camera part of PLUS the micro Sd card slot is found for the easy data transfer.

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