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Jeongdae Kim – SuperKlar

A total solution about brushing teeth 
SuperKlar is a concept design for the electric toothbrush of Oral B / Braun to propose a new style toothbrush maintaining the identity of Oral B / Braun but improving the standard of one of the important every day routines: cleaning teeth.
SuperKlar comes with: a electronic toothbrush, a stander for charging and storing as well as a dedicated cup that also doubles as a cap for electric toothbrush
Thanks to its small size and light-weight SuperKlar could be powered and installed by directly plugging in an electrical outlet on the wall. So it should work well in cramped bathroom.
The core point of SuperKlar is using the difference of the diameters between the upper part and the lower part of toothbrush to store the toothbrush in the stander.
Electric toothbrush
The body of electric toothbrush is mainly divided into two parts.
1. The thicker upper part for handgrip and also for being caught in the stander
2. The lower part with smaller diameter.
The upper part of electric toothbrush has soft touch plastic surface for anti-sliding and 3 LEDs, which indicates the power steps of toothbrush. The transparent and rounded end of the lower part emphasize its difference from other products, that it needs something to be stored. The brush head part is compatible with the majority of the different brush head of Oral B.
The stander for storing has the built-in charging system, UV sanitizer and drying function. It has been designed generally in minimal way with simple geometrical shapes like diagonal, cylinder and rectangular yet with some well defined details, like smooth edges between the cylindrical and rectangular shapes besides the spiral pattern on the main surface of the stander.
Smart guide
Wireless smart guide with LED at the front of the stander presents the remaining time during cleaning and the UV sanitizer/drying process. Furthermore it works in conjunction with the brush to give you visual indications on your tooth cleaning time.
Built-in bluetooth function, so it is possible to connect to the dedicated Oral B / Braun app on your smartphone. The app will allow you to log each cleaning and also tell you how much time you are brushing for.
On the stander the cup could be put upside down. Generally it is a smart way how to keep the cup after using, and it is also necessary for the hygienic conditions of Superklar, because in this way the UV sanitizer and drying for the inner space of cup can progress more effectively for the next use. Additionally the brush head and the inside of the cup is also protected from dusts or potential foreign substances.

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