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Jinsu Du – DOKDO

This ‘DOKDO’ bowl was designed as a political statement stating who is the owner of the South Korean islands called Dokdo.

Sauce bowls are frequently used in Korean dining. The shape of Taegeuk that is a Korean symbol was applied to this bowl. The shape of the ridge of Dokdo appears when pouring sauce into the bowl. The spoon and chopsticks, both important tools in Korean dining, were designed harmoniously with the bowl. The chopstick rest also has the Taegeuk pattern. The set comes together in a pack.

I started this design when I saw the flag of the united North and South Korean ice hockey team during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, containing the Korean peninsula. However the flag did not include the Dokdo islands. I believe Dokdo should have been included on the flag since, to the Korean people, Dokdo is an important part of South Korea’s territory. However, it appears to me a lot of people, especially amongst the Korean youth, have been become unsensitive about the seriousness of this important issue.

Red Dot Award 2018 Winner

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